NY Mag Design Hunting 2014

Laura Cattano


I was beyond thrilled when I was asked to be a part of this year’s NY Magazine Design Hunting Issue. It was such a pleasure being interviewed by Erin Wylie for the “Ask the Experts” panel. And big thanks to Bobby Doherty for coming all the way to Brooklyn to photograph me. Get your copy now!!!

And sorry about the lack of posts. Besides clients keeping me plenty busy I’m also totally re-designing my website. I’ll keep you posted when that’s up. I hope you like it…..


Are you a list maker? I have a pretty bad memory so I cannot function without them. I have personal lists, work lists, and lists of things to do on the cover of each client notebook.

The key is having limited amount of current lists (not a link, just wanted to accentuate this point). Having multiple ongoing lists is not the way. Cross things off on one list then when you’ve gone thru most of it, transfer what’s left to a new list and toss the old so there aren’t piles of half crossed out lists everywhere. 

“I have always lived my life by making lists—lists of people to call, lists of ideas, lists of companies to set up, lists of people who can make things happen. Each day I work through these lists, and that sequence of calls propels me forward.” – Sir Richard Branson in ‘Losing My Virginity; The Autobiography’.

trusting your gut

(image and interior by Vicente Wolf)

I went to the
Architectural Digest Home Show this weekend to see my former boss Vicente Wolf speak about ‘The Zen Home’ as part of the NY Times Designer Seminar Series. There were two other speakers with advanced degrees, one was a Feng Shui master, who spoke about symmetry, rules, and showed samples of their work.
Vicente, with no formal training, spoke about ignoring rules, following your gut, and learning to trust what looks and feels right for you. My friend and I commented on how Vicente’s work was far superior to the other men’s. Like his work, his speaking style was informal but informative, heart felt, and very funny. He speaks at design centers around the country, so if he’s ever in your neck of the woods, be sure to see him, he doesn’t disappoint!

finding inspiration

(image courtesy of The Selby)

I often look at fashion and home design blogs and magazines for inspiration but I don’t always look at something for exactly what it is. For instance, I love the pic above; the crispness of the word Lanvin, and the sharpness of the font opposed to the blurred background. The mix of black, blue, gold, green, white… I can see this being interpreted to an outfit (or a room); crisp black skinny jeans with sharp stilettos, a soft golden ivory cashmere cardigan with a light green silk camisole… What do you see?

my apartment progress… making an oversize bulletin board

install d-rings on back of board


picture hooks in place on wallDSC02162going thru + printing out pics


The 2′ x 4′ leftover wood from the platform bed is now a wonderfully oversized bulletin board! Here’s how I did it: 

1 – Screwed two D-ring picture hangers on back, an inch from the edge, about 3/4 up from bottom and noted measurement down from the top.
2 – Held it up to the wall to see where it looked best. While holding it up with one hand, measured from the ceiling to the top of the wood.
3 – Measured the space of the wall horizontally. Subtracted width of the wood and divided by half.
4 – Hung two picture hooks by adding the measurement from step 1 plus step 2 to give me how far down from the ceiling, and the measurement from step 3 plus 1″ to see how far in it should go.
5 – Hung in place, checked with a level and din’t care that it’s a little off!!
When I first thought of using the leftover piece of wood for the bulletin board I thought to add self-adhesive cork but found that my push pins went into the wood easily. Always one to save a step and $$, I had no hesitation to go without the cork.
I spent hours going through tear sheets in my inspiration file and bookmarked images on my computer to see what I wanted up. I printed images from the computer onto photo paper which I thought came out really nice. I love the wood push pins, though think T-pins would be great too….