weekend house update



I was so excited to go back to the house last weekend. The paint job came out great. At first they questioned using the same color for the walls and ceiling in the bedroom and the open living/dining area but totally get it now. There’s no reason to automatically use white on a ceiling. An important tip when using painters; use blue painters tape or sticky notes on the walls to show what color goes where so there’s no confusion. Believe me, mistakes happen and painters can use the wrong paint in the wrong area.

The dresser in the dining area was originally meant for the other side to use for entry storage but it looked and felt better on the opposite wall. The top smaller drawers hold dog stuff (lease, poop bags, brush), keys, etc and the lower larger drawers have serving pieces; napkins, utensils, and table cloths. 

They were thinking of painting the fan in the bedroom black which is why is wasn’t installed, but we leaving it white so it doesn’t stand out too much. I’m designing a headboard and nightstands and am suggesting a dark rug for the room to finish.

We talked about the final touches; mirror and new rug for the living room (the white one was temporary), window treatments including new curtains for the dining area and decorative pillows. We also mapped out where art should go and what sizes would be best to make buying easier. For most people, it’s easier to decorate in stages to see how it evolves; how the furniture actually fits, and how you actually live in the space. It helps to give confidence in the choices you’re making, it also helps space out how much you’re spending!

the weekend house: beach chic


down pipe

cloud white

picnic basket

barely there

This is the final paint colors for the house. The client’s didn’t want to do one color throughout, they wanted each room to be different while making sure each had the same overall feeling which we’re calling beach chic.

Before we met they showed me the colors they were leaning towards and from there we worked out exactly which color would work best. Slight variations make a huge difference and can only be truly seen in the space you’re painting; what looks best at the paint store isn’t always best. I simplified the colors (they had about 8 different colors throughout) and recommended painting the ceilings the same colors as the walls in most of the rooms instead of using a standard Ceiling White. The open living/dining area has tall sloped ceilings which means they have a very large surface and I wanted to make sure that line wasn’t broken making the space feel smaller.

Here’s the plan:
– living/dining area walls and ceiling Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF-690
– living area accent wall Farrow + Ball Downpipe #26
– bedroom walls and ceiling Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130
– bedroom door and trim Farrow + Ball Downpipe
– kitchen ceiling and walls Benjamin Moore Barely There
– guest room ceiling (shared ceiling w/kitchen) Benjamin Moore Barely There
– guest room walls Benjamin Moore Picnic Basket

I always recommend matte or flat finish for walls and ceiling, eggshell or satin for trim and/doors. Most walls aren’t that perfect and eggshell just highlights every imperfection, but with a matte/flat finish, the walls recede and give a cleaner look.

the weekend house: floor plan


After studying the pictures, and thinking about their needs, here’s the proposed floor plan. Working with this and the budget, I sourced pieces, some temporary (dining table, sofa, living area rug) while others are hoped to be kept long term (dining chairs , dining area rug). The budget is nice but modest so the goal is to make it look, feel, and function nicely as soon as we can so they can really start enjoying the space.

They sent me the progress shots (shown). The next step is to finalize choices of the pieces we’re missing and figuring out new solutions for those pieces in the proposed floor plan that didn’t work once they measured things out in the actual space (which you MUST do before buying anything) like the desk in the back room and the dresser in the bedroom.

The next post will show you the paint colors we selected. From there, then we can talk about the details like pillows, window treatments, etc. Oh! they tossed a sheet over the bay window in the dining area since it looks directly into their neighbors house.

the weekend house



I was so happy when former clients, a married couple, called to say they purchased a small weekend house in Jersey and wanted my help getting the place together.

The showed me pictures of the home (with the former owner’s furniture, shown) along with about 100 images on pinterest they gathered for inspiration. We discussed budget, how they wanted to ‘live’ there, and the overall feeling they wanted to space to have. We decided ‘beach chic’ summed it all up and took it from there.

After giving me a floor plan with dimensions, I created a furniture plan to figure out what pieces they needed and what sizes would actually fit the space which you’ll see it in the next post!!