move to alcove studio

DSC01694(current apt)


(new apt, view from entry)


(opposite view to entry)


(view from bedroom alcove)


(bedroom alcove)

This client
informed me last week she’s moving. While she loved her old building and didn’t mind living in such a small space, this new apt allows her room for a dining table and more importantly, for
her grandchildren to spend the night. And a good friend of hers lives in the building.
The move is this friday. What we’ve done:
– hired movers who will also do most of the packing + unpacking
– filed a change of address with the post office
– contacted her bank, cc’s, insurance, and other companies directly to change address
– decided what’s going to stay installed in old apt with blessing from landlord; entry shelf, entire window treatment (we cannot use in new apt and for what it cost, not worth taking down)
– did pre-move edit of entire apt
– packed the chandelier and sconce (shown in above pic) to save time move day
– put back original lighting fixtures
– packed up some smaller items to save time + money move day

studio redesign: before + after

Ssimply rearranging and repurposing existing pieces can totally transform a space.  the pics above are a small studio I redesigned last week.  the client was tired of making excuses for her friends not to come to her apartment but since she is planning on moving in less than a year, didn’t want to do anything too time or cost consuming like repaint or buy all new things.  I helped her edit unnecessary things while giving a few old, forgotten pieces new life.  before she had a hard time keeping the place clean and tidy but now that her things have a proper place it’s “too easy”.

for more pics, check out my flickr page.