simple chic storage

I helped this client get settled into her new apartment including figuring out the layout and specifying what if any new storage she needed. You’ve already seen what I did with her clothes closets and entry

For the open living/dining area these long low cabinets fit perfectly along the back wall to hide kid’s toys, books, etc. High gloss white doors give it a modern feel. She already had the other furniture shown but these are progress shots. Since I’ve been there I know she’s purchased a new sofa and rug. 

after 4 days of intense unpacking…. entry + living area

At this stage, things are set up ‘for now’ so she can function nicely in the space. One of her filing cabinets fits perfectly near the door so it’s there for now until we decide a better place or she gets another table. Or maybe we’ll leave it there but cover it with a nice cloth (which she has a lot of).

I’m going to suggest a cabinet for pantry items where the leaning mirror is shown in the first pic. She cooks a lot and needs more storage space for the kitchen. The mirror is there for now as it’s opposite the bedroom door so she can use it as a full length mirror.
The banker’s boxes are all books and cd/dvd’s. I lined them up like this without anything on top to give her the idea of how the closed cabinets I’m going to suggest will look. They’ll be for the books and give a surface for the TV and other decorative pieces. The last pic shows the things not unpacked; photos, memorabilia, office supplies and some organizational pieces she already had that I haven’t used at this point.

upper west side apartment


I’ve been helping this client get settled into her fantastic new apartment. Wanting a calming, tranquil bedroom we opted for the white bedding and dresser. She found the gorgeous glass lamp at a local shop and is looking for a rug to complete the room.

I was there this weekend to place the new dining table and chairs, the set of bookcases and to finish styling the space. We had a great time putting it all together and in place. 

art covered walls


I helped this couple move earlier this year. They had the dining table + chairs, lounge chair, sofa and area rug and lots of art. Envisioning using this long wall as an art wall, I suggested bright white walls and minimal white furniture as not to detract from the art. We went with the three Ikea bookcases since I knew much of the art needed framing and I know how much that can cost.
I love the way the bookcase came out. Since these shelves are pretty deep I was able to layer some of the smaller books to give it more depth and interest. They said to do it whichever looked best, not necessarily by subject or author. For more pics and info, click here.

living / dining room: before + after

You’ve seen other areas of this apartment, now for the main living/dining space.
We did a major edit and mapped out new homes for everything, but just as important, we made a few decorative changes. The major thing was reorienting the rug. You can see in the 3rd pic the rug came out from behind the sofa as it ran lengthwise from the TV. The lounge chair near the windows wasn’t even on the rug; an unconscious message of how the wife hates it. Now the rug runs lengthwise in front of the TV and the husband is happy to finally feel like he’s part of the living area :O)
We also:
– switched out the small metal lamps with large green ones
– installed a sconce over lounge chair
– the only purchase: baskets under coffee table for magazines, books, etc
– moved around art and hung art
– re-styled entire room

hiding the tv cables

The amount of cables for this television and its components is pretty ridiculous! Though the table top has a hole in the back to allow cable to pass through to the plug underneath (pic 3), it doesn’t help the cables that are connecting the components together.

There are a number of products out there to contain and to minimize the look of the cables but I generally try to avoid having to buy any of them. Hiding them behind something usually works just fine.
Here I cut a hole in the back of a black cardboard box (the client already had it, I think a fancy candle came in it) and placed it under the component on the right to tuck the remaining cables in (pic 4 + 5). Most people, including her husband, didn’t notice the box until we pointed it out.
Last, I pushed the components as far back to the wall as possible to keep the cables in place and with the television mounted as it is, the cables are really not too visible as you’re standing in front of the table (pic 1). Now, if this client wasn’t happy with this, I would push it to the next level and maybe make some kind of cover to rest atop of the back of the components to completely hide them. Most likely using a piece of colored cardboard.