where are my keys?


img_7905_copy red-hook-magnet-strip pkkm_1024x1024


For those of you with ‘entry challenged’ spaces like me, you can still carve out a space to drop your keys and mail with any of these great hooks: 

Cloud Keyholder
hidden magnets make your keys look like they’re floating in the sky….

Walhub Cover Plate

beyond easy to install, just switch out your existing cover plate. comes double hooks only or with mail slot as shown. the hooks can be on the left or the right and comes in both rocker (as shown) or toggle switch. for more info, 
check out this awesome video make by the designer justin porcano

Hook-Up! Strip Mail Holder + Hooks
this magnetic strips comes with three lower hooks for keys, small umbrella etc and three upper hooks for larger pieces and/or to drop mail. comes in a variety of colors.

ey Switch
another no brainer install. drop your mail on the top and hang your keys from the minimal hooks below. comes in toggle (as shown) or rocker switch. 

entry: before + after

his amazingly huge hall was quite sad when I first arrived. These clients just moved in, and the 2 large bookcases were left by the previous tenant. Since this apartment doesn’t have a coat closet I treated the space like a large walk-in closet. 

To keep it simple, we installed four 7-peg wood racks and reused the existing bookcases; the wider one is at the end (not pictured) holding hats, gloves, scarves, etc, and the skinny bookcase is now on it’s side along the floor under the hooks to hold shoes and water bottles on delivery day.

The finishing touch is the art above. These pieces didn’t work anywhere else in the apartment and are perfect in here.


entry: before + after






I really love this entry hall. My installer created this lovely display of art and a mirror (an absolute for any entry). She’s still looking for the perfect bench to sit along the wall underneath to finish the space.

A double row of hooks are great for kids so they can learn to hang their coat on their own. We originally thought of having the hooks where the art is but then you would see if from the playroom and the living area so we put them on the side wall instead. 

entry: before + after

If you have the room, using a dresser in an entry is a great way to maximize easy access storage. The lower drawers hold kids’ shoes, the middle hold totes and backpacks, the top holds smaller things like wallet, keys, sunglasses, gum, tissue packs, etc. 

This dresser from Ikea looks great. Love the contrast of the high gloss white drawers and wood frame. And yes the plant has since been repotted in the red vessel!

q + a: hallway shoe storage


 Tara asks: “The hallway just off my entry has become a pile of shoes, they’re not making it to the bedroom, they’re living in the hall. Any suggestions for narrow, attractive shoe shelves? Thanks!”

Most shoe shelves are just not that attractive, especially if you really have to stare at them from the living room. How about a storage bench? The shoes can go inside, use an open bin within the bench to keep things separated. And it gives you a spot to sit while putting the shoes on and off:
48″W x 20″D x 18″H

comes in chocolate brown, red, and white
OR How about a closed cabinet? At nearly 8″ deep it’s great for women’s and kid’s shoes:
47 1/4″W x 7 7/8″D x 25 1/4″H
23 5/8″W x 25 1/4″H
2 @ $50.00

my apartment progress… the entry

Besides the fact all doors, trim, and baseboards were painted this horrible dingy off-white, there were three metal hooks on the back of the apartment door that in theory are a great idea but executed poorly. They jutted out a few inches which looked bad and installed at eye level, they almost took mine out a couple times.

The original hooks were painted over many times so my installer used a power drill to chip off the paint and unscrew them out of the door. He filled the holes, sanded down the spackle and painted the door.
The overdoor hooks are my favorite since they fit thicker doors like this and are minimal and white. Even though my coat closet is 5 ft from the front door, I prefer to hang my coat and scarves here after I wear them, A-it’s easier than having to officially put them away, and B-I like them to air out a little.


(The lighting is off a bit in the first two shots, so the first shots is after I painted the walls BM Super White flat, but not the door. The second shot is after I repainted the door same as the walls but in semi-gloss. The last shots show more accurately how white it looks in person.)


covering the exposed door bell

My current apartment was renovated before I moved in which I thought would be great, what a change, but there wasn’t much attention to detail as the place wasn’t finished; I’ve been here over a year and am still missing a door to one of the kitchen cabinets. So I’ve been doing what I feel is necessary to get it finished without spending too much time or money.
Above is the door bell that has no cover. I painted the bell part but it wasn’t much of an improvement. After measuring the bell, I went to my favorite place Muji to see if they had a bin that would fit over it and of course they did. The bin is translucent plastic so I cut a piece of white paper to line the bottom to make it less noticeable. Using clear packing tape, I taped the top to the wall. Sooo much better…

living better with less… dirt

(come in go away mat, buy here)

It doesn’t matter whether or not you wear shoes in the house, they’re still coming in along with all the lovely things that have been picked up from the street. And you don’t want that in your home and/or closet… Your choice; spend $3 at your local hardware store, $100 for a custom one, or any amount in between. It’s a no brainer, seriously – if you don’t have one, get one now!!