my apartment progress… bathroom


Remember when I said I wanted something dark and dramatic for the bathroom wall? I eventually decided on a dark olive green but I’m not happy with how it came out. It looks a lot better in the pic than in person…

I don’t like the way the white shelving brackets stand out so much and I also don’t like the sheen of the eggshell finish (the larger samples only come in eggshell finish). I’m thinking of repainting it white… what do you think??

my apartment progress… bathroom

– installed remaining shelf
– repainted walls white
– installed mirror across from medicine cabinet
– replaced medicine cabinet
– installed hooks (no longer on ikea’s website)
– get curtain for shower stall
– repaint back wall
I love the two new mirrors across from each other. It brings in so much light! I also love the mirror that replaced the medicine cabinet. I don’t miss the cabinet since I have a nice size vanity with plenty of storage for products. I hung it low and on a slight downward angle to make the most of it (and I’m pretty short and hate high hung mirrors). Even though the bathroom has new tile floors (the broker told me there would be an entire new bathroom, one of the many fibs I was told), they’re NOT my taste so I covered as much of it with two bath mats that I cut to fit. I like to cover tile floors anyway; I don’t like standing barefoot on tile.
I’m going to live with the changes for a little bit to see what else I’m going to do style-wise. I haven’t looked at paint colors for the back wall yet and know what I want for the curtain (white linen gauze) but I haven’t looked for it yet. But so far I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done considering when I moved in, this was the worst bathroom of the three apts I’ve lived in, and none of them were great!

my apartment progress… bathroom

– installed 4 of the 5 shelves on back wall (cost: existing shelves $0, brackets $5, installation $30)
– put in new bath mats (cost: $20)
– installed towel, robe and misc hooks (cost: $12)
– styled/decorated (cost: $0 existing)

– install remaining shelf
– get curtain for shower stall
– repaint back wall; dark grey??
– repaint rest of walls white; there’s a red hue now
– install mirror across from medicine cabinet
– replace medicine cabinet
When decorating I only like to do what is absolutely necessary, not only to save money, but time and energy. Normally I’d just leave the medicine cabinet but it’s ugly and in bad shape; outside looks like it’s been chewed and there’s water damage on the inside. Since the vanity has plenty of storage room, I figured it would be less expensive to replace it with a mirror not another cabinet. Also I’ll have better luck reusing a mirror than a cabinet if I move again. I picked up this one today from Yesterday’s News for $45. I plan on painting it either high gloss white or an accent color like turquoise… still deciding.

living better with less… trying to remember



A fun side effect of being neat and organized is being called a neat freak and obsessive compulsive. It used to annoy me (just a little) but the truth is I just prefer having my things work for me, not the other way around. 

Take my skin care regimen. Products work best when used on a regular basis. I wash my face everyday with a gentle cleanser, use a scrub every three days, and a glycolic wash also every three days but not on the same days I use the scrub. After weeks of trying unsuccessfully to remember when to use something, I ended up either over or underusing one or the other. Simple solution; label the bottles so I don’t have to remember.

why ziploc® bags are my #1 favorite organizing tool


In all my years of organizing as a ‘professional’ or before, there isn’t any other organizing tool that I have used more than the Ziploc® bag (or any reclosable bag, I happen to like Ziploc® the best). Why do I love them so:

  • just about everyone already has them in their homes
  • they are inexpensive
  • they are easy to use
  • they are reusable
  • they are see-through
  • they come in so many sizes
  • they are flexible allowing them to fit anywhere
  • they go with every aesthetic
The pic above shows a few ways I use them in my home; keep holiday decorations safe from dust, for travel, store medicine in my medicine/first aid Muji bin,and hold small things in my closet kit.

where I keep the litter box


Since I already know the basic floor plan for my new place, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to find the perfect spot for all the little things. What’s been bugging me the most is where to put the litter box.

I’ve finally decided to keep it in the shower stall (not labeled on the floor plan, it’s just behind the coat closet). I placed kraft paper under the box to keep the litter itself from getting everywhere; that stuff is so nasty when it gets wet and I was tired of cleaning it out of the drain. One good thing about it here is I see it every time I use the bathroom as it’s directly opposite the toilet, so I clean it out more often than I used to. Eventually I will have a shower curtain which I’ll leave open a bit for the girls to come and go.

7 quick bathroom organizing tips

Follow these quick easy tips to make your bathroom super fab and functional:

  • keep everyday items in the medicine cabinet grouped by category; face wash, face lotions, tooth care…
  • take advantage of adjustable shelving.
  • use glasses/cups (or empty candle holders) to store small items neatly.
  • use acrylic risers to make extra room in your medicine cabinet.
  • if your medicine cabinet is magnetic, use magnetic containers to hold small things like pills, bobby pins, hair ties…
  • keep less often used and extra items under the sink in stackable containers, most of my clients love these since they are cheap and see-through.
  • avoid buying things in bulk that take a long time to use, they take up too much valuable space and you’ll feel like you live at Costco.

the move…. making decisions: bathroom

last pic: the shelves in my previous apt

The back wall was begging for shelves and lucky enough the indent is 8″, the exact depth of the white shelves I already have and have used in all three apts. I have one 24″ long, and two 48″ that I cut in half. I didn’t get enough of Ikea’s Ekby Stidis brackets (no longer online)so I’m waiting to install the last one for a total of five shelves.

I painted the back wall Benjamin Moore Whitestone which I’m going to repaint. It looks pretty, but I wasn’t going for pretty. I’m thinking a darker more olive-grey color…