thanks (again) cosmo!

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I’m terrible for posting this so late, but I was thrilled to work with the beautiful and talented Loni Albert at Cosmopolitan Magazine for a spread in their January issue. There’s tips and tricks on organizing your make-up, medicine cabinet, and all your other beauty products by re-using things you probably already have.

I especially love how the medicine cabinet came out, as it’s one of my favorite things to organize and style. I’ll give you the link once it’s online but couldn’t wait to show you….

after 4 days of intense unpacking… bedroom








The white cubbies were used for books in her previous home but she wants this new space to be clean, uncluttered, and sophisticated and since most of the books are paperbacks, I’m suggesting a closed cabinet for them. For now, the cubbies fit perfectly in the bedroom showcasing her 95+ pairs of shoes.

I have reasons behind everything I do and my main goal when transforming a space is to get it completed in the least amount of steps. It’s important to plan things so you’re not moving things around more than necessary. The books are not immediately important and can stay packed until we get the cabinets to put them in, plus they’re easier to deal with packed.
I set the shoes up this way for several reasons:
– they were carefully packed and took up a lot of room in the moving boxes
– I do not know how she dresses everyday so I didn’t know which ones she’ll want right away
– the entire collection is visible making it easier to categorize them once the new storage piece comes; everyday shoes, special occasion, off-season, archive, etc
– since we don’t have anywhere else to put them (i’ll be suggesting a closed cabinet for them), they’re safe and out of the way until we get the new cabinet
I know she’s motivated to get the space done as soon as possible so she shouldn’t be living this way for too long. Will keep you posted on the progress….
UPDATE: For more pics and details, check out my Flickr.

my bathroom: before + after

I don’t like ‘bathroom accessories’, I like the bathroom feeling and looking like the rest of the apartment. Click here for details on what’s in here.

I’d still like a rug and new curtain. For the rug, I’m looking for a regular rug; either a runner or two small rugs. With a shower stall not bathtub, I use a long window curtain instead of a short shower curtain. There’s a lower rod hung behind the curtain for a shower liner. 

I’ll let you know when I find something…

alcove studio: bathroom before + after


– installed lucite shelves
– hung art
– installed single hook near shower
– installed ceiling track for curtain
– need to buy and hang opaque curtain
The bathroom is 2 small rooms; the first with the sink on one side, linen closet on the other, then the second with the shower and toilet. There’s a door to the first room, but not the second and since she has family staying with her often, we installed the ceiling track for a curtain. Also, I hung the shelves pretty high because her family are quite tall.

his + hers medicine cabinets

These medicine cabinets are from the apt with the chinese cabinet I showed you. Sorry I don’t have before pictures but I can tell you there was minimal use of any kind of containers or risers so things were just ‘in’ there, with no real order.
For her cabinet, using stackable acrylic drawer organizers and acrylic risers creates almost 1 additional shelf. The organizers keep small items together and makes it easier to get things in and out without knocking everything over. Group things by category; cleansing, facial moisturizers, hand and body moisturizers, oral care, medicinal…
The top drawer of the vanity, you can see the center opening that fits around the pipe. The large shallow trays in the back help things from getting lost in the back (it goes back really far), and small trays she already had plus a few small jewelry boxes (the ones you get with purchase) help group everything else.
Click on the pics to make larger and check out my flickr for more detailed info. Happy friday! Though for me, it’s really a tuesday…

affordable art my way

As many of you reading know, I don’t have unlimited funds. Accepting this, I’ve taken the time to determine what’s important to me and what I prefer to spend my money on (which is my wardrobe for those of you who couldn’t tell).
While I know there’s affordable art out there, it’s just not a priority for me right now so I’ve been making my own.

For the bathroom, I hung frames I already owned without anything in them until I figured what I wanted visually. For the large frame I thought something simple, graphic, and black + white, so I purchased a piece of fabric that I cut to fit. For the white frame, I wanted a bit of color, so I pulled a page out of a small art book I had, “Testing” by the artist Jaq Chartier.
striped fabric: 1 yd $8
metal frame: existing $0
art book: given to me by a client $0
small white frame: existing $0
total cost: $8
loving my bathroom: priceless!

my apartment progress… bathroom

Do you remember how I painted the back wall of my bathroom and it
didn’t look so great. Well, I finally repainted it… guess what color? White! I did want something dramatic but more importantly, I want to keep the space looking bright and open.
I removed all the shelves but not the brackets to make painting easier. Afterwards I caulked the edges to give it a finished look. For more pics, click here.
What do you think??

bathroom storage: before + after

Since I’ve already shown you his
medicine cabinet, I wanted to show you what else we’ve done so far in this client’s bathroom.
These Muji drawersfit his tiny vanityperfectly giving him easy storage for extra toiletries. And since his vanity is so tiny, giving him hardly any surface space, we decided to install a little shelf over the toilet. We used a white wood shelf from Ikea, cut to size, attached to the side of the vanity with a simple bracket and held up on the other side with his old closet rod.