fun + affordable rugs



I love rugs and can’t imagine a room without them. I even like using real rugs in the bathroom, as opposed to bathmats. They can be pricey so I wanted to share these fun, graphic and affordable ones.

Urban Outfitters is a great source for fun rugs, but they also have some really chic ones as well…

And I see that John Robshaw Textiles is offering rugs, and not as expensive as I was expecting from them. They have THE best pillows btw…

Magical Thinking Diamond Medallion 

low profile woven cotton
4′ x 6′

Magical Thinking Triangle Chain
various colors come in 5′ x 7′

low profile woven cotton
3′ x 5′

Right Angle Woven
low profile woven cotton, perfect for a bathroom

2′ x 3′

Assembly Home Rotating Triangle
low profile woven cotton

5′ x 7′

Atlas Printed Dhurrie
100% jute
5′ x 7′

FLOR carpet tiles


It’s no secret I love FLOR carpet tiles. So many color + texture choices, can be cut to any size or shape you like. I cut them to fit wall-to-wall in my previous apartment knowing I wasn’t staying there long and wanted to make sure I bought something guaranteed to fit my next space. If you need them cut in halves, thirds, or quarters they’ll do it for you ensuring a perfect cut.

I created the designs above using their FLORbuilder tool for a client looking for a rug for her kid’s room. ‘Their favorite color is blue’. Let’s hope they like one… 

entry: before + after






I really love this entry hall. My installer created this lovely display of art and a mirror (an absolute for any entry). She’s still looking for the perfect bench to sit along the wall underneath to finish the space.

A double row of hooks are great for kids so they can learn to hang their coat on their own. We originally thought of having the hooks where the art is but then you would see if from the playroom and the living area so we put them on the side wall instead. 

q + a: reasonably priced picture frames

pottery barn
west elm

 west elm

Kimberly asks: ” Where do you suggest shopping for sturdy but reasonably priced frames?”

The thing is, framing can be pretty expensive. I know clients who spend more on the frames than their art. But there are well priced options out there.

I love the Ribba series from Ikea. They’re inexpensive and I think they look great, but you get what you pay for. My art installer and friends with art collections don’t especially like their quality.

Pottery Barn and West Elm have great mid-priced quality frames in various sizes and finishes and they go on sale from time to time making them even more affordable. is a great online resource. My art installer highly recommends them. There’s a nice selection of finishes and sizes to create a custom frame without the high cost of a store front custom framer. They have ready made frames too.

If you have something special, try a local framing store for a wide selection of custom sizes, styles and finishes. Remember, they’re more expensive because you’re paying for the advice. They can help you pick a frame that goes best with the art you have as well as matting, whether to use glass or plexi to preserve the art.

Hope this helps Kimberly!

entry wall: before + after

After helping her with her apt (sorry, no pics) this client asked me to take a look at her showroom. While I loved just about everything she did, the front door lacked something. It wasn’t bad, but you can see it from every angle of the space so I felt it needed a bit more punch. I suggested painting the door and framing it with pictures.
We settled on Farrow & Ball‘s Pink Ground, the perfect subtle pink. If you don’t know Farrow & Ball they’re a small company out of England who make superior paint and wall coverings. And since they only have 132 colors as opposed to the 10,000+ colors offered by other brands, it makes picking the perfect color easy.
We bought a ton of simple white frames and she picked some of her favorite images from books and magazines. My art installer and I pieced it all together, image by image… It took most of the afternoon but was worth it. . .

studio office progress

We added hooks and art in the tiny (but just enough) entrance. A custom mirror nests in the non-functional door frame. I especially like her art; not sure if you can read them…’Everyday I’m Hustlin’ and ‘We Have a Strategic Plan. It’s Called Doing Things.’

gallery wall


You’ve seen her previous apt. Here’s the new place; a bit smaller but she owns it (!) and is taking her time to get it set up right. She wanted to do a black wall so I suggested the long hallway and using 
it as the main art wall. The kitchen is open to the hall so you can still enjoy it at every end of the apt.
My art installer loved doing their last place and did a great job here using pieces not used in the previous apartment (she’s got a lot of art!!). And he left her room to add to it as she expands her collection…
Since you asked, the wall is painted Benjamin Moore Witching Hour in matte finish.

the ikea debate

6a00e55391c48e8833010536cdfc29970b-450wi, ikea sofa with DIY slipcover
client entry, ikea dresser. progress shot, ignore the plant that hasn’t be re-potted
my apartment, ikea bookcases

My feeling about
Ikea is that 92% of it is crap, but the remaining 8% is great. When people say they’re ‘too old’ for or ‘above’ Ikea I think it’s a little silly. I see their products in beautiful designed spaces all the time.
The bottom line is setting up an apartment can cost a lot of money and the best way to get a beautiful and affordable result (even when you understand that ‘affordable’ is a relative term), is to do a careful mix of high and low end pieces. As a renter for over 10 years, I chose to spend money on accent furniture and decorative things, things that I’ve been able to take with me and successfully use in each space.
Do you have Ikea pieces in your home?