200 sqft studio after

The place had to be put together fast and as inexpensive as possible. Luckily I was able to reuse existing pieces from the previous apartment. One thing we were happy to reuse was her beautiful glass chandelier and were beyond disappointed when we removed the existing light and saw a mess that my installer said looked as if a beaver chewed a hole thru the ceiling, no seriously that’s exactly what it looked like. So putting up our fab and heavy light just wasn’t an option. Needless to say we were all quite upset to have to put that light back in… Ugh.

I didn’t take any shots of the kitchen (sorry Marie!). She doesn’t cook so I didn’t have to do anything special like install shelves or pot racks or anything.

We’re not sure how long she’ll be in this apartment and it is a rental so we decided not to do anything too dramatic like painting or doing too many installations. All of her things fit pretty well as is (with the exception of family memorabilia that her children are storing) and she can’t easily climb a ladder to access high shelves anyway so the dressers and low bookshelf work just fine.

We did install a hook rack near the front door, shown in the fourth shot. Hats, gloves, and scarves are in the top cubbies of the low open bookcase with extra blankets and files in the bottom cubbies. There’s a small closet with open shelves near the entry that holds extra toiletries, an iron, medicine and a first aid kit, travel toiletries, small summer fan, etc. Cleaning supplies and a vacuum are under the sink in the kitchen. There are clothes in the 2 dressers, and the white drawer units that are acting as nightstands hold office supplies, checkbooks, gift cards, stationery and stamps, kindle and charger, jewelry, glasses….

The one thing we do plan on buying is a set of small upholstered chairs for the round glass table near the window to use as a dining chair. Other than that we figure she should live there for a while to see if there’s anything else she’d like me to do to make the space better. Otherwise we think it looks pretty good (especially considering it was done in 2 days).

kitchen organizing made easy

People are surprised how long reorganizing a kitchen can actually take. Those cabinets can hold a ton, plus most things are heavy and breakable which slows down the process. And this is the perfect time to clean the cabinets inside and out which also takes time but is so worth it!

Before reorganizing a kitchen I always draw it out and figure where things should go BEFORE pulling everything out. Make a diagram of your space and make a list of the type of things you have, then start plugging in where things make the most sense to go. Or skip the drawing and use sticky notes directly on the cabinets.

The 3 main things you have are prep, cooking and serving. Cooking tools should be closest to the over/stove, prep tools should be where the most convenient place to prep is (for those of us in the city with tiny kitchens there isn’t always a large prep surface). And serving pieces near the sink / dishwasher.

You don’t need to complete the mapping 100% as you’ll need some wiggle room as you put things in their proper place they may take up more or less room than expected. Figure out at least half, starting with the easiest things and don’t worry about those items you’re not sure of. They’ll reveal themselves at the end once everything else is in place.

color coded books


I recently helped one of my favorite clients move and this is her new dining area. She has a nice collection of books even though this is about half of what she had before she moved. She doesn’t reference these books anymore and likes color coding, as do I, so I got 3 billy bookcases and went to town. 

The only exception is the 1 row of books for cookbooks that she uses a lot. I mean who wants to have to remember the color of a spine every time they want to make vegan cupcakes??  

thanks (again) cosmo!

cosmopg1 cosmopg2 cosmopg3 cosmopg4
I’m terrible for posting this so late, but I was thrilled to work with the beautiful and talented Loni Albert at Cosmopolitan Magazine for a spread in their January issue. There’s tips and tricks on organizing your make-up, medicine cabinet, and all your other beauty products by re-using things you probably already have.

I especially love how the medicine cabinet came out, as it’s one of my favorite things to organize and style. I’ll give you the link once it’s online but couldn’t wait to show you….

elfa pot rack


I’ve literally worked every day for the last 4 weeks and will be working every day for the rest of the month and into November so I apologize for not posting. But figured I’d better get back to it!!

Before there was nothing in the corner. It was just empty and sad crying out for shelves. I used Elfa for it’s ease of install and adjustability. The hooks can be hung at at the front, middle, and back which allows you to layer the pans easily. And the little knife rack finishes the corner nicely…

fun + affordable rugs



I love rugs and can’t imagine a room without them. I even like using real rugs in the bathroom, as opposed to bathmats. They can be pricey so I wanted to share these fun, graphic and affordable ones.

Urban Outfitters is a great source for fun rugs, but they also have some really chic ones as well…

And I see that John Robshaw Textiles is offering rugs, and not as expensive as I was expecting from them. They have THE best pillows btw…

Magical Thinking Diamond Medallion 

low profile woven cotton
4′ x 6′

Magical Thinking Triangle Chain
various colors come in 5′ x 7′

low profile woven cotton
3′ x 5′

Right Angle Woven
low profile woven cotton, perfect for a bathroom

2′ x 3′

Assembly Home Rotating Triangle
low profile woven cotton

5′ x 7′

Atlas Printed Dhurrie
100% jute
5′ x 7′

where are my keys?


img_7905_copy red-hook-magnet-strip pkkm_1024x1024


For those of you with ‘entry challenged’ spaces like me, you can still carve out a space to drop your keys and mail with any of these great hooks: 

Cloud Keyholder
hidden magnets make your keys look like they’re floating in the sky….

Walhub Cover Plate

beyond easy to install, just switch out your existing cover plate. comes double hooks only or with mail slot as shown. the hooks can be on the left or the right and comes in both rocker (as shown) or toggle switch. for more info, 
check out this awesome video make by the designer justin porcano

Hook-Up! Strip Mail Holder + Hooks
this magnetic strips comes with three lower hooks for keys, small umbrella etc and three upper hooks for larger pieces and/or to drop mail. comes in a variety of colors.

ey Switch
another no brainer install. drop your mail on the top and hang your keys from the minimal hooks below. comes in toggle (as shown) or rocker switch.