studio office storage closet

The storage room. The 3 categories of what’s in here has its place; office supplies, food and serving pieces, and personal items (aspirin, lotion, gum, etc). Muji’s bins and drawers keep smaller things neat and within reach, and (of course) labeled to make finding and returning things easy. 

I added a hanging rod and though we hung a few hooks in the entry, those are more for guests. The white shelf unit underneath the rod was originally for the printer but it works better in here for time being. 

I moved the paper towel holder from above the sink to the right, now it’s not so in your face. I also installed a shelf just above the marble as I know they’ll be getting more dishes and they’ll need the extra room.

linen closet: before + after

This client recently moved into a 2 bedroom apartment with her husband and 2 small children. The apartment is beautiful and all the closets have great shelving but having great closets doesn’t make you organized.
She wants to make the space more functional and I want to make sure the insides look as great as the rest of the apartment.
For the linen closet, she did a pretty good job categorizing and has plenty of nice storage bins, but I wanted to take it a little further and make it more functional.
The large striped tote is now in the master bathroom holding extra toilet paper and we plan on getting something similar for the kids’ bathroom. We edited down the rest, sorted by category, moved a few shelves, and reused existing containers to put it all back. Things least often used are on the top shelves (which she can reach either way). And there’s still room to add more. 
For more info, check out my flickr.
UPDATE: Just realized I spelled toddler wrong on the label, it has been corrected!

utility closet: after

What we did:
– edited + sorted like things together
– removed items that didn’t belong in this closet
– reused existing boxes to group things on shelves
– moved utility hooks from right wall to back left corner
– moved all cleaning supplies to tall left front cabinet
– cleared bottom cabinet to get vacuum off floor
– moved light up + over
– hung 2 posters previously collecting dust in a back room

utility closet: before

Another closet from the apt with the elfa closet and chinese cabinet.
This client thought we needed to completely re-do this closet with a new shelving system. It was hard to get in with the brooms hanging right as you walked in and stuff all over the floor, plus she could never find anything on the shelves. The shelving system isn’t the problem, it’s actually great, it’s how she’s using it….
The ‘after’ shots to follow. Go here for more details.