a discreet shoe cabinet

I love it when I walk into a space and see immediate solutions to problems. This client was looking for help with her tightly packed clothes closet. The first thing I suggested was my favorite, the high gloss white Besta cabinet  to get her shoes out of her tight bedroom closet.
It fills the space seamlessly and holds all her shoes and a few evening handbags. At first she was worried it would be too big and bulky for the space but is now so happy she listened to me….

shoe cabinet + elfa closet: before + after

The first day with this new client we did a much needed edit and rearrangement of her clothes closet.

The original shoe shelves were killing her nice little walk-in closet making it a pain to access the back left hanging area. I personally think these hanging shoe shelves are the worst. Shoes always fall off, you can’t put low heal or flats on them and they come out so far from the wall. I designated the freestanding cabinet (that may or may not be switched out for a larger unit), for shoes and jewelry. Both the cabinet and the closet are sooo much nicer now; in looks and in functionality.

On the left wall we’re going to hang an oversized bulletin board for inspiration pics, notes and her many many beautiful necklaces. These are progress shots. I’ll keep you posted as we go….

q + a: hallway shoe storage


 Tara asks: “The hallway just off my entry has become a pile of shoes, they’re not making it to the bedroom, they’re living in the hall. Any suggestions for narrow, attractive shoe shelves? Thanks!”

Most shoe shelves are just not that attractive, especially if you really have to stare at them from the living room. How about a storage bench? The shoes can go inside, use an open bin within the bench to keep things separated. And it gives you a spot to sit while putting the shoes on and off:
48″W x 20″D x 18″H

comes in chocolate brown, red, and white
OR How about a closed cabinet? At nearly 8″ deep it’s great for women’s and kid’s shoes:
47 1/4″W x 7 7/8″D x 25 1/4″H
23 5/8″W x 25 1/4″H
2 @ $50.00

walk-in closet: before and after (just about)

The little L-shaped walk-in closet was my latest challenge. She basically wanted me to recreate my closet for her. Here’s what I added:
drawer unit below (from ikea, no longer available)
– hanging shoe rack behind the door
This is actually a progress shot; we need to edit along with a season switch, add a small rug, and put on the handles on the top drawers. But otherwise it’s just about finished….

organized jewelry cabinet







I’m very close to finishing this apartment. The latest thing to tackle was jewelry, including her mother’s pieces that she hadn’t looked at for many years. Using muji acrylic drawers and cork boards this chinese cabinet formerly holding a mish-mash of stuff is now the jewelry cabinet. 

We sorted everything into:
– sentimental, but wouldn’t wear (stored separately)
– donate
– sell
– give away to friends, family
– pieces to keep
For her mother’s pieces, which are pretty fabulous, I helped her make them her own; I’m quite familiar with her wardrobe, so suggested how and what to wear them with. Since these shots were taken, we’ve added small hooks to the inside door for more hanging room. 

favorite shoe storage

1. Upper kitchen cabinets come in varying widths and heights, and with adjustable inner shelves they’re especially good for booties and platforms that don’t fit in normal shoe shelves.

2. Bookshelves, like the one pictured are a great looking way to store shoes and bags.
3. Cubbies seem to be many people’s favorite.
4. Shoe drawers keep shoes from getting dusty quickly, though still should be vacuumed out regularly.