little girls’ walk-in closet


This closet, from the same client in the past few posts, is shared by a newborn and a 2 1/2 yr old. The main goal here was for the toddler to get dressed by herself so we placed things according to use; toddler’s clothes on lower rod, baby’s on top. She had all the bins, hangers, etc. The rug wasn’t quite right in the girls’ bedroom but looks so great in here.

Two rows of hooks were installed and will eventually be labeled to make putting thing back more fun; back-pack, tomorrow’s outfit, rain jacket, etc. Art will be installed above the hooks and on the back wall above the backpack, possibly framed drawings.

baby’s closet: before + after


Since the last post was about making room for a baby, I thought I’d show you the walk-in closet I converted from a clothes closet to a baby/linen closet. 

We cleaned the existing 12″D shelf and hanging rod with the Magic Eraser, which is THE only way to clean wire shelving. To take advantage of the high ceiling we added an upper wire shelf and at 16″ deep it easily holds large blankets and comforters.

The dresser (mounted to the wall for safety) holds clothes and other baby essentials. It’s low enough that pieces can still be hung on the rod if necessary. The fabric on top of the dresser is a piece the client wants to frame and display somewhere in the apt, I thought it looked nice there in the meantime.
To the left of the dresser is a hanging hamper and the cotton garment bag holds the wife’s off-season and special occasion dresses. I’ll show you what we did with her closet when we finish this weekend…