kitchen organizing made easy

People are surprised how long reorganizing a kitchen can actually take. Those cabinets can hold a ton, plus most things are heavy and breakable which slows down the process. And this is the perfect time to clean the cabinets inside and out which also takes time but is so worth it!

Before reorganizing a kitchen I always draw it out and figure where things should go BEFORE pulling everything out. Make a diagram of your space and make a list of the type of things you have, then start plugging in where things make the most sense to go. Or skip the drawing and use sticky notes directly on the cabinets.

The 3 main things you have are prep, cooking and serving. Cooking tools should be closest to the over/stove, prep tools should be where the most convenient place to prep is (for those of us in the city with tiny kitchens there isn’t always a large prep surface). And serving pieces near the sink / dishwasher.

You don’t need to complete the mapping 100% as you’ll need some wiggle room as you put things in their proper place they may take up more or less room than expected. Figure out at least half, starting with the easiest things and don’t worry about those items you’re not sure of. They’ll reveal themselves at the end once everything else is in place.