2 weeks 5 things challenge


Are you ready for the next challenge?? 

The idea here is not to tear your home apart or to do these all at once. Finish one category before moving onto the next. Start by just pulling out those things you do not want. If you need to pull stuff out to go thru it, pull out a little at a time as not to get overwhelmed. 

And know you’re not alone! I’m going thru a complete edit of my apartment as I may have to move soon (ugh more on that later). Keep me posted and let me know if you have questions…

Most people have waaayy to many cleaning supplies. And really, unless you reuse those plastic grocery bags these no reason to have so many. Get rid of old or obsolete cleaning supplies: specialty cleaners that no longer apply: ss cleaner, marble, car cleaner, etc. Place them in a box and leave on the curb for someone else to use or offer them to someone you know who could use them. 

Bring your own bag or be careful about double bagging at the store, do only if necessary. Seems simple but it helps. Or start using a cloth bag. Knowing what you have means not buying more than you need. Check stock before buying more.


Random screws, anchors with no screws, multiples of tools you’ll never use. I love going thru tool boxes even mine. There always such a mess (not mine of course) no one would go searching for something if they needed something anyway.

If you have multiples of something, for instance screwdrivers,  make sure they’re not actually different size tips and shafts. Sometimes you need a long or extra short shafts to get to awkward spaces.

Books should be seen no different than anything else. For most people they’re just dust collectors anyway.

DO NOT pull everything off the shelves! Start on one shelf, looking at each spine, starting left to right pulling out the books you don’t want. If you have a large bookcase and cannot do them all at once, put a sticky note on each shelf you’ve edited to keep track. dfsa

Those tiny notebooks you thought would be helpful to carry around but realized that are too small for your needs. A freakin million pens, half of which don’t even work. White out? Who uses white out?

Don’t toss things you’ll eventually use as long as it doesn’t take your LIFETIME to use it and it’s too much to easily store.

Vases, candles, picture frames… This is a category that helps if you pull everything together to see what you have as a whole instead of looking at things one at a time. I know you have vases all over the house in different cabinets and closets (i know because that’s how most people have them).

If you have a small space keep all vases together, preferably in the kitchen. keep in mind you don’t need to have all your decorative accessories on display. It can be fun to store some and switch things out every now and then.

4 responses

  1. I love these doable tips… you’ve included some things I hadn’t thought of!

    (what kind of bookcase is that in the photo? it’s so roomy!)

  2. sunny, great! glad to give you some new ideas. and the bookcase is the old, no longer available, lack bookcase from ikea.

  3. LOL! I unloaded vases years ago, so recently, I had to scramble around for something to hold flowers that I had received. I used a water carafe, and it worked just fine.

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