color coded books


I recently helped one of my favorite clients move and this is her new dining area. She has a nice collection of books even though this is about half of what she had before she moved. She doesn’t reference these books anymore and likes color coding, as do I, so I got 3 billy bookcases and went to town. 

The only exception is the 1 row of books for cookbooks that she uses a lot. I mean who wants to have to remember the color of a spine every time they want to make vegan cupcakes??  

2 responses

  1. Agreed, this looks nice. But honestly, how do you search for a book you want if you can’t remember what color it is?

  2. you don’t. these books are purely decorative. she and her husband have read these and keep books they are reading somewhere else. the cookbooks are together on one shelf as they do reference them.