man’s elfa closet


I know, wire hangers??  Most men will not bother to switch out their dress shirts from dry cleaner hangers since they can only get one wear out of them before washing, so it’s all good. For shirts that won’t be worn a lot like tuxedo shirts, I suggest switching them out so they’re not on the wire hangers for extended periods of time.

In this rental apt, the closet had an Elfa system so I moved things around a bit, adding more upper shelves and an additional hanging bar to best suit this client’s needs. That is one benefit of Elfa, it can be reconfigured easily.

Because of the sliding doors I hung the shoe rack on the side wall of the closet with Ook Hooks using the existing holes. I secured it to the wall in the corners and in the middle with Ook Hook nails. If you don’t secure it to the wall, it moves around which can be annoying. I do that even if I’m hanging it on the door (just note if you do this and are in a rental it will leave holes that you will have to fill).

Nerd note: as shown in the last pic, the hanging bar is too long and I’ve since cut it down…

4 responses

  1. Looks great, Laura! Any reason why some of the hangers are hung in reverse? Is that the how you know if you wear something trick?

  2. oh! no, i just wanted all the shirts facing the same way but didn’t want to switch the hangers around. you caught me!