more cosmo pics


I just received the rest of the shots from Cosmo shoot from April and couldn’t wait to share with you.

It was such a great experience overall but my favorite part was when photographer Jessica Antola was setting up and she asked me how I normally have my closets shot. I told her I take my Canon PowerShot and try to angle it to get the most in the picture… I’ve never had my work professional photographed and I was so happy to have Jessica be the first. Click on her name to see more of her work.

All images courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine, shot by Jessica Antola.

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  1. The cosmo pics look great but your pics are wonderful, IMO. Your own wardrobe pics are especially lovely – they look almost ethereal – and certainly aspirational. Love the brass cuffs you are wearing, btw.

  2. Wonderful! I actually prefer these pictures. Well done, and keep the posts coming. I get o excited when I see your blog pop up on my feed :)

  3. I love everything here…I’m obsessed with your brain!!!!!! How IT sees things… Looking forward to what you find exciting…thx for your time on this blog.

  4. I LOVE THESE, GIRL!! The closet looks awesome and you look fab as always in pic #2. xoxoxoxox

  5. I know I am all late but you look beautiful, Laura! And the organization, simply divine as always!! :)