walk-in closet


I helped this client get settled into her previous apt and I was happy when she called me again for this move. She didn’t want to spend too much time or money to make the closet more functional (a couple upper shelves and rod don’t make for a crazy functional or fabulous closet), so here’s what I did….

We wanted all the clothes in the this closet without the need for a separate dresser so I added this tall bookcase that provides tons of easy storage. Muji bins keep the open shelves neat, holding bras, socks, underwear, bathing suits, etc. Since she doesn’t have a lot of shoes we kept the often worn pairs out with the fancier pairs kept in their original boxes, with off-season (boots) on the upper shelf. She’s amazingly tall so having things on the upper shelves is not a problem. Thank goodness they had a ladder for me!! 

The clothes, going from left to right are categorized: least worn special occasion dresses, jackets/blazers, top and blouses, skirts then dresses. Instead of having everything facing the same way, I prefer everything face YOU which means everything facing  center. I hate it when clothes have their back to you….  For this closet, the skirts and dresses face left and the rest facing right. 

The leaning mirror fit along the left wall with an inch to spare, making it more of a dressing room than closet. I suggested adding a small area rug and even switching out the overhead light but she’s working with an interior designer and didn’t want to get anything until they spoke.





4 responses

  1. Nice job. I like the idea of the bins on a bookshelf. And i love the mirror.

  2. I love posts on closets! I just reworked my own closet last week. It’s so peaceful to have things in order.