where are my keys?


img_7905_copy red-hook-magnet-strip pkkm_1024x1024


For those of you with ‘entry challenged’ spaces like me, you can still carve out a space to drop your keys and mail with any of these great hooks: 

Cloud Keyholder
hidden magnets make your keys look like they’re floating in the sky….

Walhub Cover Plate

beyond easy to install, just switch out your existing cover plate. comes double hooks only or with mail slot as shown. the hooks can be on the left or the right and comes in both rocker (as shown) or toggle switch. for more info, 
check out this awesome video make by the designer justin porcano

Hook-Up! Strip Mail Holder + Hooks
this magnetic strips comes with three lower hooks for keys, small umbrella etc and three upper hooks for larger pieces and/or to drop mail. comes in a variety of colors.

ey Switch
another no brainer install. drop your mail on the top and hang your keys from the minimal hooks below. comes in toggle (as shown) or rocker switch. 

3 responses

  1. I was inspired by your key phot to finally get a locksmith in to change all my doors to a single key. I live in a house so I have both front and back doors along with locking screen doors. That’s four doors with two locks on each door (doorknob and deadbolts). I went for four keys down to one. Now all I have on my metering is a door key, mailbox key and car key.

  2. could you suggest a hidden key storage — it’s like a art/pictured frame but it’s a key holder when opened..