my quick edit

Between shopping and pieces given to me I’ve gotten a lot of new clothes this summer. Nothing excessive just more than I normally get in a season so my closet is
pretty full and this weekend I almost had a meltdown. I was getting dressed to go out and had an overwhelming feeling of nothing to wear. I had a conversation with myself and this is how it went:

“OMG, I’m freaking out! I bought all these clothes, I hate them all, and I have nothing to wear!!” Trying to calm myself down I thought to do a quick edit. “My wardrobe is always edited, there’s NOTHING I could possibly get rid of.” It seemed to have made it worse… I went into pro mode and spoke to myself like I would a client; “OK, just for the sake of it, let’s quickly go piece by piece and see if there’s anything in question.” I rolled my eyes (just like my clients do ;O) and pulled 8 things.

Pieces in question are things you don’t wear and don’t know why as opposed to specialty pieces not worn a lot, but are eventually worn and loved. You’re looking for those things that are ‘eh’, things maybe you try to wear but never do. The key is after pulling them to TRY IT ALL ON even if you think you ‘know’ what it looks like.

Here’s what I did:

– Acne Black Dress; purchased a couple of years ago, worn a few times. PROBLEM: the asymmetric hem is a bit trendy now. REALITY: I don’t wear dresses a lot, it’s not silk, and I have 3 other black silk dresses I would wear over this one. DECISION: SELL

– Splendid Oversized T-Shirts, 1 black, 1 grey; purchased a few years ago, both worn a lot but not this year. PROBLEM: they’re a little trendy with the front being slightly shorter than the back. REALITY: after trying them on, they’re actually really nice but they do look worn, the black one has several pulls in it. DECISION: KEEP but for the beach

– Madewell Oversized Sleeveless Silk Shirt; purchased within the last year, worn once or twice. PROBLEM: no obvious problem. REALITY: doesn’t look right at the shoulder and the color is off. DECISION: GAVE to my friend as it looked much better on her…

– DL1961 Blue Jeans; purchased last year, worn once. PROBLEM: prefer black jeans over blue plus I have an over dyed pair and a super light pair that are cooler. REALITY: they’re really comfortable and look great. DECISION: KEEP but for the beach

– Genetic Dark Blue Jeggings; purchased with jeans above, worn a number of times. PROBLEM: they’re a weird color. REALITY: on top of the off-color, they slide down when I wear them (more than usual with skinny pants) which is uncomfortable and annoying. DECISION: DONATE

– White Clutch; had about 10 years, used a lot those first few years. PROBLEM: no obvious problem. REALITY: I’ve tried using it many times but just don’t love it anymore. DECISION: DONATE

– Anya Hindmarch Nude Large Toiletry Bag (used as a clutch); purchased years ago, used many times. PROBLEM: no obvious problem. REALITY: just don’t love it anymore. Thought of using it for travel (it’s actual purpose) but it’s a little heavy on it’s own and large for what I would take with me. DECISION: SELL

Looking at these pieces, they are all nice but the reality is, they just don’t work for me so no second thoughts. By clearing them out (the beach stuff goes into a drawer) it’s easier for me to focus on the pieces I love instead of staring at the pieces I don’t and I’m feeling so much better about my wardrobe now!!

4 responses

  1. Are you selling the ‘sell’ items on EBay or the like? I love the Anya Hindmarch bag!

  2. eloise, yes i’ll be selling the dress on ebay but a friend’s mother has already claimed the bag!! sorry…

  3. Thanks for explaining your thought process behind editing your wardrobe. Even the places where you sent the clothes/items, whether to your drawer, to sell, to donate, to a friend, etc. and the reasons why are extremely helpful. I am inspired to go edit my own wardrobe now.