living better with less: makeup



I see makeup like everything else, so I keep it simple. I prefer makeup that enhances not recreates, makeup that looks subtle and natural. 

My routine includes a bit of sheer foundation, mascara, and lip gloss. Sometimes I go crazy and add a touch of eyeliner and blush. This routine is for all occasions; I wouldn’t wear more if going to a wedding or fancy dinner. It takes about 3 or 5 minutes and all my products fit in this little box that sits on my bathroom shelf (the smaller one on top holds my hair bands).


Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Makeup, Alabaster Beige
sheer and light, used sparingly to even out my T-zone

Bobby Brown Face Touch Up Stick, Alabaster
for the occasional blemish

Bobby Brown Blush, Tawny
applied with a travel size Chanel brush 


Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara, Black
I’ve tried others but always go back to this one

Sappho Organic Cosmetics Eye Shadow, Midnight Escapade
used as eyeliner, top lid only

Bobby Brown Eye Shadow, Smoke
to fill in my eyebrows with the small angled brush

yes, i really only have these 3….


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  1. I agree with you – makeup should enhance rather than create a new look. When shopping in Target, I admire the Burts Bees marketing posters. Their models have a beautifully simple look with minimalist makeup (and they use all ages of models, not just 15 year olds). My makeup components are identical to yours with the exception of lip color. My lips have absolutely no color on their own. I use Revlon Colorstay lip stain in unlimited mulberry. It’s the closed color to natural lips that I’ve found, and it stays all day long unless I eat oily foods which will cause it to come off.

    I, too follow the same makeup routine whether I’m getting ready for a normal day out or a special occasion.

  2. me too! same makeup routine. the basics are some liquid foundation to provide an even base (just in spots that need it), some light eye shadow and mascara (blond eyelashes need it) and lip gloss that has a color to it. (Revlon chubby lip pencils – I forget what they’re called). If I have to leave home really quickly, then just the liquid makeup to avoid splotchiness and then I’ll put on lip balm when I’m on my way. I have a tiny makeup bag for my purse (holds the makeup – eyeshadow and mascara – and some hair bands and one barrette and a mirror).. and then a short glass on the counter holds bare minerals blush, a blush brush, and a liquid eyeliner. :)

    Thanks for sharing your routine! I love it!

    (have you moved to a new apartment?)

  3. sunny, thanks for sharing!!
    i haven’t had to move just yet. the building is up for sale
    with no buyers yet. my lease is up in jan 2014….
    will definitely keep you posted…

    hope you’re well :O)

  4. I have a similar makeup routine, yet I have an overabundance of makeup! It’s currently all sitting on my bedroom floor since I emptied out my storage containers to clean them. You’ve completely inspired me to purge my makeup down to the bare essentials, which is really all I ever wear anyway. :)

  5. I have a little more makeup than you do, but it all fits in a fairly compact makeup case. I too use only neutrals – mineral foundation, dark brown/grey or dark navy/black liner/shadow with one coat of mascara and a light sheer gloss. The only change that I make for evening makeup is a (slightly) deeper lipstick (blotted and blotted). I think that we all honestly really just look the way we look regardless of how much makeup we wear, so I stick to simple enhancement rather than all out “made up” looks.

    On another note, I just *love* the look of the blog now and think that your pictures are awesome – simple and clean.

  6. YES! so glad you did a post on this! since simplifying my make up routine, I now use the same handful of products for any occasion – tinted moisturiser, concealer, powder, blush, eyebrow tint, mascara and one coloured lip gloss and one clear balm. I’m sure I also save more money on cosmetics now, though the products I use are more expensive (I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown too) I used to “treat myself” to a lipgloss here and an eyeshadow there from the drugstore, I’m sure if I could have totalled it up over a year I would have been spending way more than just buying what I need when it runs out, and most of it just sat in boxes never being used and expiring… Thanks for the post and keeping it real! ;)