favorite cleaning supplies


GG12_large magic eraser

I find the people with the most cleaning supplies usually have the dirtiest homes because they think the products do the cleaning when the truth is YOU must do it (sorry!) and you don’t need that many different products to get the job done.

There are fancier ‘green’ products out there that cost 5x as much but I like to keep it simple. I also don’t need added scents which usually just give you a false sense of something being ‘clean’.

Along with these, Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook gives you detailed instructions of how to clean and maintain just about everything in your home. I refer to mine all the time. She also has great tips online.

– deodorizer: leave an open box in fridge + freezer, change every 2 month
– deodorizer: sprinkle on carpets and furniture then vacuum
– sprinkle on bottom of burnt pots and pans, add hot water, soak overnight

WHITE VINEGAR – natural disinfectant
– use one cup in bottom of dishwasher before running a cycle to make glasses sparkle
– soak shower head to remove mineral deposits
– spray shower walls and curtains to prevent mildew

BAKING SODA + VINEGAR – a powerful combination to remove stubborn dirt
– pour baking soda into kitchen and bathroom drains, follow with vinegar
   and let the magic happen to prevent clogged drains

 – non abrasive, nontoxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic power cleanser
– porcelain and stainless steel sinks, tubs, etc
– tub + tiles
– marble (use the original formula)

citrus based solvent
– removes sticky stuff left over from stickers,
note: remove as much of the paper part of the sticker first
– use the BBQ grill cleaner to easily and safely clean your oven 

MAGIC ERASER like a microderm abrasion for hard to clean surfaces
– scuffs off painted surfaces
– baseboards
– hard to clean plastics

– outside surface of refrigerator (not for stainless steel though!)


yes, they’re not the most environmentally friendly product, but they’re strong enough to be used more than once. Personally I use them to dry off the sink area after washing dishes then reuse them when cleaning out the cat litter to clean off the scoop, not something you’d want to use a rag to do.

– clean hard to reach places and corners
– inside kitchen and bathroom drains (if you have access to drain itself)
– the often overlooked kitchen drain strainer

personally I love the ‘free and clear’ line that is unscented.
I use dish liquid, laundry detergent, and glass and surface cleaner.


6 responses

  1. I love Magic Eraser. I also use Bar Keeper’s Friend a lot. I’m slowly using up all my products and switching to more natural solutions, like baking soda and vinegar.

  2. Thanks so much for your blog. I’m a scientist, and I have come to your blog for the past 2 years to make me feel clean and refreshed! I also have a million new ideas to take with me to my new place. I’m downsizing thanks to your mindset that you reiterate over and over. Moving to SF were they are more “green” I hope to take on this mentality as well. Thanks again!

  3. Is there anything to use on the ceiling and cabinets around the stove that have years of sticky cooking off-spray built up on them?

  4. karina, have you tried the magic eraser? not sure what kind of cabinets you have, just be careful not to rub too much and take off the finish.

    you could also try cutting a lemon into wedges and scrubbing the walls/cabinet with that. the citrus should help break it down. use the lemon (on the peel) in one hand and a damp towel in the other to catch the lemon juice that will drip out.

    hope this helps!

  5. Laura, I have not tried the magic eraser but will definitely give it a go. Thank you.