pots + pans storage



We went back and forth on options for a bit, a colored metal pegboard, or a few hanging rails, and finally decided that rail shelves would accommodate her pieces and the space best. The shelves are great because they’re actually several rails so you can layer the pieces you hang to make the most use of the depth. Another bonus of the shelves is having a few jars of grains out, I love the look of grains in clear glass…

The client embraces the ‘living better with less’ philosophy so has only cooking tools that help her instead of having excess things that just take up space, and believe me, this woman cooks a lot. The top shelf holds the least often used larger pots, and the most used pieces are hung. 

Note about lids. Whenever possible keep the lids with their corresponding pots. The lids on red and large stainless steel pots are turned upside down so smaller pots can stack on top (instead of inside) keeping them visible and accessible. The lids for the pans are in the warming drawer under the oven along with cookie sheets.