living better with less: going without

IMG_1247vanessa bruno silk trousers

elizabeth and james silk pants

On my journey to live better with less, I’ve embraced the idea of going without. We’re conditioned to go buy something the moment we think we ‘need’ it. What about pausing before buying, to go without until proving having it would truly add to your life in some way. We’re responsible for everything we take into our lives; we have to store, clean, and maintain it. So is having that particular thing WORTH all that? 

When first trying to curb my over shopping, I started to walk away from things at the store (including free things) to see if I thought about it again. More than not I would forget, and for those things I didn’t I would sometimes go back and get it. Those are the things I actually love and use. This is a great tactic for clothes and decorative things.

Here’s another tactic, before buying anything, I need to prove I need it by finding myself in a situation where I say ‘if I had that right now, I could…’ at least 5 times before buying it. For instance, I’m not into gadgets, (I’ve never had an ipod) but I’ve thought about getting an ipad. It would be nice to sit in bed and use the computer (I have a desktop and do not like laptops). Friends have suggested I could bring it to client meetings, but in reality all my clients have a computer. It would be ‘cool’ to have one, but I’m already pretty cool. I don’t need an ipad to prove it ;O)

The pics show 2 pairs of black pants I recently purchased. Lately I’ve noticed that having literally 1 pair of nice black pants is limiting my wardrobe and that I just cannot wear black jeans everyday, so I picked up these special ladies…

Some people are frightened by the idea of going without. They think it’s a negative reflection of themselves in some way; that they cannot afford to buy something. I think it’s the opposite. It’s saying that you’re in total control of your things. I think it’s best articulated in a quote by J Brotherton:

“My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants.”


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  1. I got an I-pad from my boss at work (hand-me-down). I had never bought one because I wasn’t sure it would add anything to my life, but since it was free, thought I’d try it out. Lasted a month. Gave it to one of our salespeople.

    Quote at the bottom is priceless.