caring for cookware


The NY Times ran a great article on properly caring for cookware. The infographic above hits some highlights of the article*. It’s a good quick read just skip the first few paragraphs to get to the good stuff…

While on the topic of pots and pans, here’s a peak at a recent client’s kitchen. Seeing the expanse of wall to the left, I envisioned a large pegboard. While they were weary at first that the pots and pans would make the space feel smaller and get in the way, they are now feeling the opposite and love it. They painted the boards the same color as the wall which looks fantastic.

We redid all the inside cabinets, moving things around to make everything more accessible and make more sense. Clearing pots and pans out of one of the lower cabinets gave us room to put in this little elfa drawer unit to use a pantry. This is actually a progress shot; there’s a bin coming for over the microwave to hold/conceal the baby’s cups, a colorful runner for the floor, and a long bread basket like this one, for the window sil to hold veggies. 

* Just a health note regarding non-stick pans. Most of them have a Teflon coating that when cooked at high temps, breaks apart and can be breathed in which is harmful to you, young children and deadly to birds (google it). The article mention to only use non-stick pieces for cooking at low temps avoiding the issue. You can decide for yourself…

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  1. loving the pots & pan rack, but it’s not feasible in my current kitchen. (next one!!) but i will def take away the plate corralling your salt, pepper & olive oil! so simple, but makes a huge difference.