weekend house update



I was so excited to go back to the house last weekend. The paint job came out great. At first they questioned using the same color for the walls and ceiling in the bedroom and the open living/dining area but totally get it now. There’s no reason to automatically use white on a ceiling. An important tip when using painters; use blue painters tape or sticky notes on the walls to show what color goes where so there’s no confusion. Believe me, mistakes happen and painters can use the wrong paint in the wrong area.

The dresser in the dining area was originally meant for the other side to use for entry storage but it looked and felt better on the opposite wall. The top smaller drawers hold dog stuff (lease, poop bags, brush), keys, etc and the lower larger drawers have serving pieces; napkins, utensils, and table cloths. 

They were thinking of painting the fan in the bedroom black which is why is wasn’t installed, but we leaving it white so it doesn’t stand out too much. I’m designing a headboard and nightstands and am suggesting a dark rug for the room to finish.

We talked about the final touches; mirror and new rug for the living room (the white one was temporary), window treatments including new curtains for the dining area and decorative pillows. We also mapped out where art should go and what sizes would be best to make buying easier. For most people, it’s easier to decorate in stages to see how it evolves; how the furniture actually fits, and how you actually live in the space. It helps to give confidence in the choices you’re making, it also helps space out how much you’re spending!

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  1. Laura, this looks amazing – I especially love the living space – so serene yet cozy. I’m dying over that coffee/side table, who’s the designer?

  2. thanks dacy! the coffee table is from west elm. i’ve loved it since it came out and glad it worked so well in the space…

  3. awesome job laura! the carpet under the dining table is amazing – did they have it already or did you source it for them? can you tell me what kind it is / where you (they) found it?

  4. aiisa, thanks so much. i sourced just about everything with the exception of the dining table. the rug is vintage, i believe we purchased it from etsy, though i’m not sure from which vendor…

  5. Very, very nice! It’s just so refreshing to see less. And making less look so interesting!
    Can you tell me the source of the storage piece in the dining room and the living room?

  6. christina, thanks! they are both from ikea. the all white in the living area is the ‘besta cabinet’ and the drawer unit in the dining area is the ‘nyvoll’.