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If you live in an area with change of seasons I recommend storing your off-season clothes and accessories for the following reasons:

  • to give you more room in your closets + drawers
  • to take the time clean all clothes and storage 
  • to reacquaint yourself with what you have
  • so you’re not distracted by clothes you cannot wear now


  • go thru small batches of things at a time. start with hanging clothing, then the folded items on upper shelves, then to the drawers…
  • pull out only those pieces to be stored for the off-season
  • make labeled piles: store, clean, to try on
  • vacuum as much as you can. in the closet: walls, shelves, corners, baseboards, and oh yeah, the floors. in drawers: pull out the drawers if you can, and vacuum out the frame of the dresser, then the drawers themselves; inside and outside. then wipe everything down with gentle cleaner.


  • pull everything out of the closet, it’s too overwhelming, worst advice ever!!
  • just stand there staring, glancing over the rack and piles. be methodical.
  • edit too much of the past season’s clothing. people tend to get rid of too much when it’s not the current season. 
  • follow the rule: if you haven’t worn it in X amount of time, get rid of it. more irrational and crappy advice. if you haven’t worn it, it’s more important WHY you haven’t worn it. try it on. maybe it just needs to be altered or you just don’t know HOW to wear it. if that’s the case, trying pairing it with something you haven’t before; like if it’s a top or jacket you’ve only worn with nice pants, try with jeans.
  • think too hard. if you’re unsure if you’d wear it for the next few months, leave it where it is.

If you plan on traveling at least once in a different climate, still pull those pieces but create a ‘resort’ box to make packing that much easier. Don’t think about it too much, just put things in you may wear, then edit when packing. If you travel often in different climates it may make sense not do the switch, but still go thru the motions; cleaning your closet and drawers, and clean those pieces you haven’t in a while.


Knits can be folded and stored in breathable boxes or zippered bags. Delicate pieces or those you’d like to keep from getting wrinkled and can be hung in a breathable garment bag (not dry cleaner plastic).

Store your off-season in a cool dry area. Moths like moisture. They love when you store your clothes without cleaning them first. Especially those pieces you’ve only worn once or twice and you don’t think are ‘dirty’. We leave skin cells, body oils, and hair on everything we wear and that’s what moths feed off of.  If you have a silverfish issue, wrap your storage in nylon netting so they can’t get thru. Plastic storage containers trap moisture, use breathable zippered bag/boxes from The Laundress or Muji instead.

Color can be transferred onto leather so I suggest storing pieces individually in bags. I’ve reused large shoe or handbag dust bags for this very purpose, clean white cotton pillowcase, or hang them in their own cotton garment bag.