winter coat storage

Could it be true? Is spring here in NYC?? It’s not officially spring until you get at least 5 days straight of 50+ degree weather so yes, it’s here!!

Now the question is how to store your winter coats. You have a few options:
  • keep them hanging in the coat closet. I keep all my coats in the closet year round. If you have the room, there’s no reason to move them, BUT I do recommend cleaning them now..and hats, gloves, scarves!
  • send them to the dry cleaner to be cleaned + stored for the season. Most dry cleaners offer free storage if you pay for the cleaning.
  • hang them in another area/closet in breathable garment bags.
  • if none of these are viable options, clean then store in a large breathable bag under the bed. You want a large enough bag so they can be laid in rather than folded to keep their shape, plus they’re heavy so you may not want to lift them to a high shelf. I love these bags by The Laundress, even though they take 5-6 weeks to get (I know, but they’re made in the USA and are totally worth it!!)