spring cleaning: fabrics


The amount of dust and dirt that rugs and fabrics hold over time even when regularly vacuumed is quite shocking. Many people have air purifiers but you need to get the dirt OUT of the house instead of just filtering it.

When was the last time you laundered your pillows and duvet? I toss my down pillows and duvet into the washing machine (I go to a laundry mat that has a large size washing machine) a few times a year. Yes you can launder down. It takes a LONG time to dry but you’ll know it’s dry when that ‘wet dog’ smell is gone.  If your duvet and pillows are old (3 years +) and stained, it may be time for new ones. Dust mites and other disgusting things fill your pillows over time so it’s important to clean them regularly and replace every few years. This includes sofa pillows and cushions. This is why I suggest buying decorative pillows with removable covers so they’re easer to clean. 

Pull down fabric shower curtains, window curtains and shades to be laundered or dry cleaned if they can’t be tossed into the washing machine. Complicated shades like honeycomb or roman shades should be sent out to a reputable cleaner to be professional cleaned.

Have your carpets and upholstery steam cleaned. I don’t like ScotchGuard or any other kind of fabric stain protectors as they’re usually so toxic. I’d rather have a stain than have that crap in my system. Hand made + wool area rugs should be sent out to be properly cleaned. 

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