spring cleaning: wet cleaning


The simple truth is everything in your home gets dirty, so in addition to running a dry cloth to collect surface dust, you need to use a gentle cleanser to wet clean all surfaces. I like Seventh Generation, Free + Clear Glass + Surface Cleaner. Simple and effective, and it won’t bother you after cleaning for longer periods since it’s non scented.

Here are some areas you may not clean on a regular basis to give a deep cleaning now, and add them to your cleaning schedule (twice a month as needed) moving forward:

  • top, fronts + sides of kitchen cabinets
  • inner shelves of kitchen cabinets, upper + lower
  • top, front + sides of refrigerator
  • inside refrigerator
  • top of the medicine cabinet
  • inner shelves + contents of medicine cabinet
  • inside lower bathroom cabinet
  • bathroom walls + ceiling 
  • inside floor, shelves + hanging rods of closets
  • picture/art frames + glass fronts
  • bookshelves
  • books; vacuum the spines, use damp cloth to wipe paper covers
  • baseboards + trims
  • blinds
  • windows 
  • lighting fixtures (with exception of cloth shades) + ceiling fans

For the top of the kitchen cabinets you may need something stronger to break down the grime from cooking oils. You can use the grill cleaner I posted yesterday, or make your own citrus degreaser

Did I miss anything?