spring cleaning: vacuuming



The vacuum is not just for carpets. Most of what you can use the vacuum for requires the hose attachment with the brush head which is why I do not like upright vacuums. Yes most of them come with hoses, but they’re uncomfortable and hard to use. I LOVE Miele vacuums. They come in a number of different options based on your needs and budget.

The following should be vacuumed on a monthly basis as needed (those of us in the city, more like a few times a month). For your spring cleaning, give the following things a good vacuuming: 

  • fabric lampshades
  • woven baskets + furniture
  • upholstery + pillows
  • corners of walls
  • molding; doors + picture rails
  • insides of closets; baseboards, shelves, corners + floor
  • blinds, shades, and/or curtains
  • insides of drawers; kitchen, bedroom, office, etc
  • spines of books and magazines
  • mattresses + boxsprings
  • carved wood pieces; credenzas, decorative boxes, headboards, etc 
  • and anything else that needs it!