favorite cleaning products


Spring time is the time to give your home a deep cleaning.  Open the windows and scrub down before it gets too hot to want to do it!  This week I’ll be sharing some things you can do plus the products I use to clean my home.  I try to stick with natural products over heavy chemicals as I feel they work just as well and I don’t feel sick after cleaning (like I do after being with a client who only has harsh cleaning products as I like to clean as we go). 

The first cleaner is Goo Gone Grill Cleaner which I use to clean my oven. Regular oven cleaners are unbearable, I’ve tried baking soda to no avail, and even tried the basic Goo Gone, but this stuff is really fantastic.  Spray a generous amount in the oven, let set and scrub away. It may take a couple rounds of doing this but it’s so much healthier to breath while doing so.  Found at the hardware store, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Amazon.com.

What do you use to clean your oven??