prepping for closet switch




The weather is warming up so it’s time to think about switching out your closet from fall/winter to spring/summer. I’m actually going to wait a couple weeks as I’m wearing my transitional pieces (things that work all year round), but now is the time to pull those pieces that need be cleaned before storing, whether dry cleaned, laundered, or hand washed.

Did you know that most dry cleaners will store your clothes for the season at no or minimum charge if you’re having them cleaned? Great for large winter coats if you don’t have room to just leave them in your coat closet (like I do).

It’s important to clean things before storing for 2 reasons: stains set over time and  it’s the only way to keep clothes moths away (you must clean the closet itself too…) Moths love those wool sweaters you wear once or twice, toss back into the closet not to see the light of day for months. They love dark, damp, and not much air as they settle in and feast on what you’ve left behind: body oils, hair, and skin cells, animal hair and dander…. Yuk, I know.  

This is also time for a quick edit. Before getting rid of something because you haven’t worn it, try it on and see WHY you haven’t, to see if altering it would make it great which gets me to the examples above. The first two pics are the same style Tucker blouses (in different colors + texture).  The ivory blouse’s arms got slightly ripped but I love it and couldn’t let go so I had my tailor remove the sleeves. Now keep in mind, this particular blouse was tricky but thankfully my tailor is talented and he likes me (considering he’s touched about 90% of my wardrobe he should!).

I bought the third top, dark purple Dries Van Noten, and when it went on sale went back for the black one. It’s a size larger which when I put it on (after I bought it final sale…no one’s perfect), the cinch at the waist made the fabric stick out too much. I was going to put it on ebay but thought if I (my tailor actually) took out the elastic it would drape nicer and it does. I’m actually thinking of taking it out of the purple one.