chic sophisticated yet fun playroom

This client’s new apartment has this room just off the living space which they’ve designated the playroom. Their goal was to create a fun and inspiring space for their 2 kids to play but to also keep it clean, organized, and as stylish and chic as the rest of their space.

The chest of drawers, baskets, and toys are all from their previous apartment. We installed floating shelves for displaying toys and small picture ledges in lieu of a bookcase. The 2 smaller picture ledges are for a few beautiful and delicate books. She’s shopping for a floor lamp to sit in the corner, just right of the chest of drawers, otherwise the room is just about perfect…

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  1. It looks great, but why are all the toys so high up? The kids wont be able to reach any of them.

  2. good point. they can reach the ones on the lowest shelves, and the drawer unit has a lot of toys that they can reach. the ones on the higher shelves are sort of for display; ones they've outgrown or really don't play with as much.

  3. Hi Laura. The new website looks lovely and it is so good having you back. I hope we get lots of new posts. Would you mind sharing where the little wood play stove and the white&wood little table and two chairs are from?

  4. jeanne-aurore: they’re the ‘latt’ table + chairs from ikea, and the ‘plan toys large scale kitchen center’ is available on

    thanks for reading!

  5. any sourcing on that amazing set of rolling drawers? What a beautiful piece.

    We’re at the early stages of furnishing a giant empty life-work loft, and I’m aiming for as much of the furniture as possible to be on wheels so that our space is quickly, infinitely re-arrangable. (&we also need closed storage!)

  6. christine

    the client already had the chest of drawers, but keep in mind you can add casters to just about anything on your own….

  7. This is my first glimpse of your “new” (since March?) site. I love it! So clean, airy and minimal!

    Pretty child’s room as well.