stone fox bride entry wall: before + after

After helping her with her apt (sorry, no pics) this client asked me to take a look at her showroom. While I loved just about everything she did, the front door lacked something. It wasn’t bad, but you can see it from every angle of the space so I felt it needed a bit more punch. I suggested painting the door and framing it with pictures.
We settled on Farrow & Ball‘s Pink Ground, the perfect subtle pink. If you don’t know Farrow & Ball they’re a small company out of England who make superior paint and wall coverings. And since they only have 132 colors as opposed to the 10,000+ colors offered by other brands, it makes picking the perfect color easy.

We bought a ton of simple white frames and she picked some of her favorite images from books and magazines. My art installer and I pieced it all together, image by image… It took most of the afternoon but was worth it. . .


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