musician’s studio after

I liked the basic layout of the space; the large bookshelf and the way she kept her cellos strapped to the back wall but she needed more storage and specifically more closed storage to balance all the open shelves. 

The long low cabinets are perfect for smaller things like cds, stationary, pedals, etc and takes up minimal floor space. She may mount it to the wall, but she’ll decide at a later point. Side note, ignore the black shelf leaning against the back wall, it’s going to be installed below the existing wall shelves…

I especially love the images of cellists she’s been collecting. They really help finish the room. I’ll show you the other side of the room and tell you about the new secretary in the next post…

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  1. This looks great, Laura! I love how you consider the things some might not necessarily think about…like the size of the books on the small bookshelf near the window. You did a nice job displaying the art/photos as well!

  2. alice: yes they are. all the bolded text on this blog are links. the link in this post shows you which cabinets they are from ikea.thanks! :O)