studio office progress

The placement of things is very important. With the entrance to the room on the right, the art wall is to the left so it’s the first thing you see. It was hung with the intention for more art to be easily added. 

To the left, the 2 large bulletin boards are homasote (sound board) that come in a 4′ x 8′ sheet (get it at lowes), which I cut in half to make transporting and installing easier. I then painted it flat white so they almost disappear into the wall…

The cabinet underneath is a mere 8″D but 95″L, with sliding doors not only for easy access storage but a convenient hiding spot for the computer components . The section all the way in the back nearest the printer houses the smaller computer components (shown) as well as a large surge protector. There was one largest piece that I couldn’t fit into the cabinet but desperately wanted hidden so I attached it to the back of the cabinet with velcro tape (second to last pic). The huge printer is now on a low rolling cart low.

This is a progress shot; the phones are still being worked so ignore the cords around the printer. The client had the rug so she’s trying it for now to see how she likes it. The office chairs are on their way as well as a sofa.

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  1. Hi Laura, Great work as always!! Where are the shallow white cabinets with the sliding doors from? Other than holding electronics, what can go into cabinets that deep? xoxo Kitty

  2. Where did you get the white side cabinets from? Love your work. Looks amazing as always

  3. sorry, i usually put the link in the post. they're the besta cabinets from ikea. they also come in 16"D which would have taken up too much space here.they're holding office supplies like small notebooks, pens, biz cards, and stand up desk files for hanging files.:O)

  4. hi laura, it's mikki. your blog looks great. do you know what the white paint is called? or, do you recommend a white paint that is good? hope you are well.

  5. hi mikki, hope you're well!i like Super White from Benjamin Moore. It's off the rack and doesn't need to be specially mixed. I use it for my apt. It's a very pure white, almost institutional (as some people say) but it's my favorite. for walls i recommend flat or matte NOT eggshell. i don't like a shine except for doors and trim. shine just shows off imperfections and most people's wall have lots of imperfections…hope this helps.:O)

  6. Hi Laura, I’m wondering how difference is the homasote as bulletin board compared to the cork ones? Is it easy to tack something on or it’s hard like wood. I’m interested to hang one up for my music studio and yours look very elegant :)

  7. alice, it’s very easy to tack things on much like cork. the difference is it’s not self-healing like cork, meaning once you pin something in and take it out, the hole remains. it’s actually paper so it’s not as hard as wood. it’s less expensive than cork so it’s great for those who are looking for extra large surfaces. it does have a raw edge which may bother you or not but it can be covered in fabric or framed to give it a finished look.

    hope this helps!!