studio office storage closet

The storage room. The 3 categories of what’s in here has its place; office supplies, food and serving pieces, and personal items (aspirin, lotion, gum, etc). Muji’s bins and drawers keep smaller things neat and within reach, and (of course) labeled to make finding and returning things easy. 

I added a hanging rod and though we hung a few hooks in the entry, those are more for guests. The white shelf unit underneath the rod was originally for the printer but it works better in here for time being. 

I moved the paper towel holder from above the sink to the right, now it’s not so in your face. I also installed a shelf just above the marble as I know they’ll be getting more dishes and they’ll need the extra room.

2 responses

  1. haha, labeling items :) best way of making things organised and easy to find..