falling for fallon…


I have to show you my latest acquisition. Large Swarovski crystal earrings with a small golden spike below, they’re Fallon by Dana Lorenz.

Instead of keeping them hidden away in my jewelry boxthey’re hanging on my inspiration board (which is across from my dressing area) so when I’m not wearing them I still get to enjoy them.

5 responses

  1. Such lovely earrings. Do you think you could do more posts about your visual inspirations? The little glimpses you give of your moodboards are always so inspiring.Jeanne

  2. I can only say one thing and that is: fantastique! I am a very faithful Parisian reader, and love your thoughtful approach. So bad you do not do trans-atlantic consultations!I wonder also, being on the brink of moving, if you have done posts on the subject? Ie. how to deal with the stress of switching spaces, how to make this an opportunity to rid of clutter, etc.

  3. thanks!i do email consultations for those i cannot get to. we usually talk on the phone and or do video chats, exchanging pics and ideas. i have done many posts on moving, check under 'LABELS' for 'moving'….:O)