black gallery wall


You’ve seen her previous apt. Here’s the new place; a bit smaller but she owns it (!) and is taking her time to get it set up right. She wanted to do a black wall so I suggested the long hallway and using 
it as the main art wall. The kitchen is open to the hall so you can still enjoy it at every end of the apt.
My art installer loved doing their last place and did a great job here using pieces not used in the previous apartment (she’s got a lot of art!!). And he left her room to add to it as she expands her collection…
Since you asked, the wall is painted Benjamin Moore Witching Hour in matte finish.

7 responses

  1. this looks amazing! using one long wall, painted black, for the art, is an incredible idea – very striking.

  2. Just wanted to say that your blog is my favourite order blog. b/c it's clean, no ads, and personal. You have definitely inspired me to stop my ways (on the verge of a hoarder) and save money/ time.Thank you! and keep up the great work.

  3. thanks you sooo much! i'm so glad the blog is making a positive impact on you and thanks for taking the time to let em know…double :O)

  4. Just a general comment (didn't know where to put it), thank you so much for putting up so many great sets of pictures of your various projects. I'm too far away to be able to hire you, and my place really needs help. This blog and especially your Flicker pages are the next best thing for inspiration and advice. Thank you!