what make-up can’t you leave the house without?

(images courtesy of into the gloss)

Did you see this article in the NY Times “My Lipstick? It’s in Here Somewhere” about what cosmetics people carry with them when they leave the house and what to carry them in?I side with Emily Weiss, the founder of the beauty blog Into the Gloss, who generally only carries lipstick/gloss. And if you haven’t seen her blog, you must right now.

What do you carry with you?

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  1. i was 15 before i ever heard of eyelash curling. i thought everyone's were already curled. my whole family has curled lashes. anyway, lipstick is my must. i keep a stick + lip balm in one of those little chinese cases with a mirror.

  2. A goes-with-everything lipstick (mine happens to be a rose color) and Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip balm (clear, in the lipstick form).

  3. i find if i at least use a gloss during the day while i'm out i don't need lip balm, my lips don't get dried out. but i do use balm when i'm home. anyone else agree? or does everyone carry balm too?

  4. The only makeup I wear is lipstick. i like Guerlain lipsticks, so I usually keep a few in my bag or one in my pocket. i also carry a small amt. of aveeno moisturizer.'makeup is a funny thing –my mom used to urge me to wear eyeshadow and blush when I was a teen, but I could just never see the point of it. to be like the other girls I guess.

  5. ps I use lipbalm when hiking. Blistex with CoQ10 –smells like juicyfruit gum, but works wonderfully.

  6. I always carry Tarte LipSurgence in Amused (kind of like having lipstick AND chapstick in one, depending on how heavily you apply), an eyelash curler (works on my dry lashes!), and a sample size container of Everyday Minerals powder foundation to use as concealer (applied with a tiny brush), or to take the shine off my nose in a jam. A compact, but effective arsenal!