organized kitchen cabinets

For the dishes, I’ve broken up the set placing some low and some higher since she doesn’t need them all accessible all the time. T
he L-shaped cabinet in the last picture, is next to the stove so it’s perfect for the oils and spices. One no brainer for kitchen storage is the perfect little turntable (lazy-susans). I use them for oils as well but for this cabinet we didn’t need it.
As you’ll notice, they’re the only ‘organizing product’ used for these cabinets. You don’t always need them…

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  1. Beautiful! I love streamlined kitchen cabinets. But I'm surprised you didn't use shelf liner. I put it down in all my apartments. It takes forever to cut and lay, but it removes the "ew" factor of knowing other people's food has been in the cabinets.Any reason you don't use it?

  2. i've almost never used shelf liners. i have used them in drawers to keep things from slipping but otherwise i find them an unnecessary extra step. i always clean the shelves before putting anything in them. if you're worried about other's food in the cabinets what do you do to your fridge??:O)

  3. also, i find shelf liners hard to clean when you need to do your routine cleaning of the cabinets and generally have to be replaced which is wasteful. anyone else use or not use liners? the only time anyone has ever mentioned it was a friend of a client who was shocked i didn't use them. the client liked it better without them….

  4. Touche! And an excellent point. I use Clorox wipes in the fridge and lay papertowels in the fruit/veggie drawers to collect the bits that fall off to make for easier cleanup.

  5. i do the paper towel in the fridge drawers too ;O)if someone has really crappy kitchen cabinets that no matter how much you clean them are still gross i'd totally use liners (as i did in my first apt) but i used contact paper not the spongy kind….

  6. I don't use shelf liners, they just don't seem necessary to me. I don't think it is possible to 'protect' yourself from germs – and they help to build your immune system!

  7. I don't use shelf liners in my food cupboards, but i do scrub them out really well every 6 mos or so, and give them a fresh coat of paint if they need one. anon j.

  8. great, great tips – the lazy susans are perfect, and all of these cupboards are organized and nice to look at – wouldn't mind the doors open on any of these shelves!