valentino said it best

The other night a friend of a friend made a very astute observationDo you know you only wear neutrals? You need to wear color, you should wear red.” Besides the fact I find it hard taking style advice from someone wearing a pink sweatshirt and running pants to a party, when people say that I should wear color (especially red) I can’t help but think of the moment in Valentino: The Last Emperor, when Valentino said in regards to his signature red gowns, “The red dresses are the most simple and the most stupid!
I wish everyone can agree not to give ‘shoulds’ where they’re not asked. Personally I refrain from giving unsolicited advice because I know I’m tired of hearing how I should wear color, get a tan, wear a push-up bra… Do you get any annoying ‘shoulds’?

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  1. good post. wear the pop of color you feel comfortable with. for me it isn't red. I also get the "eat more" should and "get a tan" should. i am what a am. i like my mainly b/w neutrals with a pop of bright leaf green sometimes.

  2. Neutrals are so chic and beautiful. I just love nudes, ivories, blush tones… I can't stomach wearing brights. I wear a lot of black for many reasons (It's easy, it's chic, it's slenderizing, etc.) but I truly like black against my skin, hair and eyes. So I get a lot of comments about how I should wear RED and PURPLE and HOT PINK. But no.

  3. ALL THE TIME! I also get the "you should eat" comments as well as "you should wear more colour" and "you should get contact lenses" that last one annoys me the most as I happen to like wearing glasses!

  4. Part of why you are so fierce is your mostly-black wardrobe AND you had a gorgeous purple Lanvin dress in one of your closet clean-out posts, so you're just fine the way you are.

  5. thanks julie! though i WISH that was my lanvin dress, it was my clients and if it were my size i'd keep it forever, i LOVE IT!;O)

  6. In defense of red, I do not agree that Valentino said it best. I would be so sad without red in my wardrobe, just as sad as you would be with a closet full of jewel tones. But by all means, ignore the shoulds! You are gorgeous as you are, and far more stylish than the rest of us. :)