my bathroom: before + after

I don’t like ‘bathroom accessories’, I like the bathroom feeling and looking like the rest of the apartment. Click here for details on what’s in here.

I’d still like a rug and new curtain. For the rug, I’m looking for a regular rug; either a runner or two small rugs. With a shower stall not bathtub, I use a long window curtain instead of a short shower curtain. There’s a lower rod hung behind the curtain for a shower liner. 

I’ll let you know when I find something…

10 responses

  1. I must say Ma'am that I am in awe by your organization skills! Thanks for keeping me inspired, and thanks for dropping my by blog! <3 Rae

  2. goregous, you have definitely inspired me. One question… any good tips for cat litterboxes? Where do you put yours?

  3. thanks. my litter box is in the shower stall. where ever it is it's a pain, but having it here means it's not in my living space and i'm forced to deal with it/clean it out.