packing for a chic getaway





Write out each day you will be away, filling in the events and general things you’ll be doing; walking around, nice dinner, casual lunch. Either write down possible outfits or pull them out so you can see them, including accessories and undergarments.

Start with events/times you have an idea what you’d like to wear and go from there. The idea is to wear individual pieces more than once, but not the same outfit more than once. Think about pieces that can be worn in multiple ways; a fancy top with a skirt and heels then with casual pants and flats. Also think about simple pieces that won’t be obvious you’re wearing more than once. For instance the beaded neck top pictured above would be hard to wear twice unless I’m not seeing the same people.
Pick a color scheme to make it easy to mix pieces and accessories seamlessly. Then at the end, toss in an extra sweater and a couple simple tops for just in case….
The pics are from my wardrobe, but this works for those with color and prints as well. If you’re outfits aren’t layered play around with the accessories to dress an outfit up or down.

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  1. This post could not have been more perfectly timed!, I'm going on vacation in a couple of weeks and in an effort to avoid paying the excessive baggage fees charged by airlines here in the UK, I've planned to only travel with carry on baggage and have been trying to figure out how to cut down what I take!!!Thanks!

  2. great advice! i always pick a color scheme based on neutrals and one bright color. black/white + red, navy/gray + purple, etc. i also like to pack a big scarf that can double as a wrap. what do you recommend for shoes? they're still a challenge for me!

  3. the shoes are exactly the same. that's why i say to pull each complete outfit out to see where you can mix and match and where certain shoes more than once.there may be a few items, whether shoes, tops, pants, that will only be worn once depending on where you are going for special events. i personally try to wear any big shoes/boots on the travel days to avoid having to carrying them.

  4. Impeccable style, Laura, as always. Great advice as well about mixing and matching and paring it down in general. The shoe advice in the comments section is great as well!