art covered walls


I helped this couple move earlier this year. They had the dining table + chairs, lounge chair, sofa and area rug and lots of art. Envisioning using this long wall as an art wall, I suggested bright white walls and minimal white furniture as not to detract from the art. We went with the three Ikea bookcases since I knew much of the art needed framing and I know how much that can cost.
I love the way the bookcase came out. Since these shelves are pretty deep I was able to layer some of the smaller books to give it more depth and interest. They said to do it whichever looked best, not necessarily by subject or author. For more pics and info, click here.

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  1. This apartment looks great – not "overly done for cameras". It looks comfortable and special. Would you share the size of the apartment? Also, did you help decorate all of the spaces? I see a kitchen nook and am also wondering about the bedroom space.

  2. it's a one bedroom, not sure of the sqft, but i can find out. the bedroom and kitchen and bath are pretty small. i helped them not only organize the entire apt, but created the floor plans, styled (decorated), and helped them install the artwork. they did a lot of work on their own under my guidance. i should coordinate a full on shoot of the place, they let me come by the other day to take pics of the back bookcase but i ended up taking more. :O)

  3. I would love to see the entire apt. I believe that a lot of us in NY appreciate the different approaches to small apt design and layout. We are in a tiny 2 BR in NYC and have an almost nonexistent kitchen (closer to kitchenette). Our bathroom is small but not tiny and our BRs are about 120 sq ft and 95sq ft. The apt opens into the living space so that is a bit of a challenge… I really appreciate the colors used in the LR here – our palette is more neutral but I love to be inspired to step a bit out of that comfort zone. Thanks for sharing!

  4. i would love to show you the entire space, unfortunately i don't always have permission to take pics. not everyone is comfortable sharing their spaces and i respect their privacy. also, i don't always get a chance to see the finished space as many of my clients take my suggestions and execute them on their own like here. i'm trying to be better about documenting things as much as i can to share with you guys….

  5. i meant to say in my early comment "i should have coordinated a full-on shoot of the place", past tense. at this point, another move is under way so the place is being disassembled as we speak.

  6. I totally understand the privacy issues (and might also be one of those people LOL!) Any information you share is always appreciated. I think that we learn loads from what you share already, so thank you!