freestanding coat closet: before + after

This client is living in a share and has one room for all her things. I’m not only teaching her how to organize, but styling the room as well. By using her existing bins and boxes in a new way, she is spending the money she had put aside for this project towards a new rug and upholstered bench for the room. 
 The bins once hiding magazines are now in the ‘coat closet’ keeping scarves, totes, and handbags within easy reach. 

6 responses

  1. It's really interesting that you are not encouraging your clients to buy more but instead showing them their belongings in a new light. Very inspiring.

  2. What a wonderful blog…I spend a lovely evening reading every post and looking up all the products you recommended..absolutely everything is gorgeous in both it's elegance and simplicity…loved how you made the platform for your bed and the raw wood bulletin board–and, best of all is your advice. Really quite nice to hear — it's such a positive, refreshing message and getting priorities straight ..putting emphasis on the person rather than buying the "it" thing.. not hearing that you have to get some bit of goodness-knows-what or ridiculously expensive closet fitting to "Get Organized!" The spaces you've designed have such an effortless and quiet elegance to them that is so chic. Many thanks.

  3. thank you! it makes me so happy to hear people respond to my 'message'. so glad you found the blog! :O)

  4. I'm loving your blog ~ a wealth of information. I am just about to empty a small room that has been used for stoarge, It's good to read your blog carefully before running out and buying organizers.