organized jewelry cabinet







I’m very close to finishing this apartment. The latest thing to tackle was jewelry, including her mother’s pieces that she hadn’t looked at for many years. Using muji acrylic drawers and cork boards this chinese cabinet formerly holding a mish-mash of stuff is now the jewelry cabinet. 

We sorted everything into:
– sentimental, but wouldn’t wear (stored separately)
– donate
– sell
– give away to friends, family
– pieces to keep
For her mother’s pieces, which are pretty fabulous, I helped her make them her own; I’m quite familiar with her wardrobe, so suggested how and what to wear them with. Since these shots were taken, we’ve added small hooks to the inside door for more hanging room. 

4 responses

  1. This looks great, Laura! I love the liquor cabinet, too. These are both really glamorous uses of the Chinese cabinets. What did you use to hang the necklaces and earrings? I can't tell from the photos whether you used hardware hooks or regular push pins or some combination. Thank you for another great post, and more reasons to love all things MUJI! :) — Kitty

  2. kittywe used straight pins from her sewing kit. i suggest T-pins as they're easier to use. can be found at most art supply stores.:O)

  3. After reading your post, I came across these two ideas from Martha Stewart that are also fun. They require a lot more DIY effort than MUJI storage, but they look like fun for someone who really loves jewelry: and would also look very cool inside an antique cabinet, or a closet where you might not expect to see something pretty per se. — Kitty