alcove studio: setting up the tv


Since this space is so much larger than her last apartment, there isn’t such a desperate need for storage so we’ve sacrificed half of the lower shelf (on the right side) of the console for the modem, power strip, and all cords. The back panel was damaged during the move so we cut that part out to pass everything through.
The only plug on this length of wall is directly behind the left hamper, pushing the hamper away from the wall a few inches, so we’re using the plug around the right corner located in the entry. The cord in the last pic to the right will be gone once I replace it with a white extension cord that I can tack along the baseboard to make it less noticeable.

2 responses

  1. wow, what a difference! it looked so chaotic before, and now it is neat and serene. it's great to see how this can be done with extension cords to make it look like a wireless system.

  2. Thanks a lot for running this series on moving and showing progress day by day. I have moved a lot, and for a variety of reasons it takes me a very long time to get unpacked so it is fun to see how others do it. I hope you do more of these kinds of posts.