move to alcove studio continued…

IMG_0120friday afternoon, her son was there to help
saturday morning


friday afternoon


saturday morning

My goal move day (which was friday) was to unpack as much as I could to see what storage issues there were. For instance: I didn’t see inside the 2nd clothes closet when I did the walk-through (it didn’t have a knob) so I didn’t know both closets have a hanging bar with 2 upper shelves. We decided on a dresser near her bed for folded items and undergarments (which have been in the TV console this whole time). Also instead of the original plan of a console table for the entry, we’re doing a dresser to hold her scarves, gloves, hats and umbrellas since we don’t want to crowd the coat closet with a hanging organizer.

Today we remeasured everything, went over some new ideas and made a few final furniture selections. Tomorrow I’m buying the entry dresser, bedroom dresser, nightstands, and dining table, and will assemble them, put what is going in them, and hopefully hang some art and mirrors…


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  1. Could I EVER use your help at my apartment! I always have an idea of what I want, but not a clue on how to achieve it. Sigh…

  2. vanessa: let me know if you have any specific questions that i can answer here…:O)

  3. I moved from a studio to a small one bedroom (in the same building), but now that my boyfriend has joined me, we're just having the worst time organizing everything! Seriously, I'll send you pictures if you want, its a disaster!! I'm organized, he isn't. Sigh…

  4. I love your clients hampers, do you know where she got them, they are cute enough to leave out.

  5. vanessa: my advice to couples is do not share storage for non-shared items like clothes, or crafts. this way there's space for the non-organized person to have their own space to not necessarily keep up BUT must respect the shared space and make an effort to keep it nice.1reign: it's the sedona hamper from crate+barrel.